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Boyfriends Dustin Lance Black & Tom Daley Emergency Land In Russia After Plane Malfunction

Yikes, not a good time to experience plane troubles and an emergency landing in Russia, but that's exactly what Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley endured Sunday. 

The duo, who were flying back to London from a diving event in China, found themselves in Irkutsk, Russia, near the Mongolian border. DLB filmed and shared video of the experience that would've sent me into immediate cardiac arrest:

Turns out the plane dumped its fuel, which usually happens when there's a fire or other emergency on board. No further word yet on the exact details.

DLB continued the story on Twitter:

Wow. So glad the power couple's safe after the mishap!


What is really scary is Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley are media spot light whores and project themselves into the spotlight more then the KarTrashCans in an attempt to market themselves as culturally valid and their relationship seem legitimate and constantly under attack and thus beyond criticism because they "earned" the right not to be "critiqued" even thought they live in the UK and enjoy all the benefits of GLBT UK citizens... unlike us slumming un millionaire Americans who cannot up am bail on our country and still needs to fight the fight after someone won an Oscar for a movie and thinks he is now the poster child for the "GLBT Rights Movement."

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People are blowing Putins gay policy out of proportion. I doubt anyone even noticed you

The "comment" were better than the article. *Sigh

I'm 31 and my boyfriend is 21 and never felt so close to anybody in my life before! We talk about everything and we learn so many things together. So age is never a problem.

does anyone else have a problem with a 40 yr old dating a19-20yr old?  I mean really? I know different strokes for different folks.  what could they possibly talk about.

My partner is 62. I'm 45. We've been together for 16 years. We talk about LIFE, and go on living ours free of other people's ridiculous judgments, foolish perceptions, or idiotic assumptions.

Small minded people will always think small minded thoughts....

I'm 32 and my partner is 21. We talk about our lives, our wants and needs, the things we dream about the world at large, politics (we're not of the same political ideal system...), we also argue, cuddle, eat on and so forth. Stop focusing on age and focus on the love. When you focus on gets better. 


I'm 46 and my boyfriend is 25. We have lots to talk about...

Have you considered Mike, that not the Emergency landing, but the location is what makes it scary? Being a Gay man in Russia nowadays is not unlike being Jewish in Nazi Germany... 

Yes, if you actually live there then I am sure it is a bad place to be for any LGBT person, but these two weren't "gay men in Russia". They were sat in their comfortable seats on an aircraft parked on a runway for a couple of hours before flying on home. remember, it wasn't just the Jews the Nazis persecuted. Between 1933 and the end of WW2 some 100,000 gay men were arrested and several thousand of these poor souls died in the concentration camps. That's terrifying.

Yup, so not unlike being Gay in Nazi Germany either... The point being? And I bet you'd be VERY uncomfortable in those seats looking out at armed men... in a country where you know the Hate is strong as ever. If you think it's not that bad, go hold hands with your bf there and find out... Whoever says putin's gay policy is not ''that bad'' is a fool... or just REALLY wants to say ''wir haben es nicht gewusst'' but nobody will believe you anyhow... I think they had every right to be scared. 

Or black in the south, or Straight in the future. 

Plane diversions happen 100 times a day, Why is this considered newsworthy?

Because it involved two out gay celebs whose plane was diverted to Russia which is doubly scary.

Almost 300 people have just been blown out of the sky over the Ukraine and this silly little boy and his equally silly boyfriend are jumping on to social media to whine because a plane they were traveling on had to dump some fuel and make an unscheduled stop. Grow some balls and grow up!

Wasn't DLB recently in another plane that had problems? Maybe he should consider boats and trains instead.

Sending them positive energy! Damn that is scary!!!

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