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Bradley Cooper Reveals Buffed Up Look For New Movie Role

We're fans of Bradley Cooper but we were shocked to see how buff he'd gotten for his new role as a Navy SEAL in American Sniper!

According to his co-star Eric Close he's put on about 40 pounds for the role: "He’s really been working hard. He looks great. He’s really taken on this character."

What do you think of the results, Instincters??

​What do you think, Instincters?

(Image Source: Veooz)


Only actors understand it: This is for work. Period.

I think he looks pretty sexy! Total turn on. Really digging the beefed up bradley cooper :D hope we get a shirtless photo of him looking like this soon!

Absolutely repulsive.

He should slim down, shave and dress properly as soon as this role is over. This look is gross, vile and an endemic faux-masculine ideal in gay society that "Bears" are desperately trying to re-imagine as some sex symbol. When it's nothing more than insecurity, laziness and ignorance physically manifested in their appearance. Such men are not sexy, they're pathetic.

bah, i tried the bear/chubby community and it made me run for the hills. So much lack of self esteem, respect for each other as people since it is a huge fetish for them. The ones who had confidence, got it from their own ignorance. So I partially have to agree. 

- He's so lazy that he has been in the gym a lot in order to look like that.-
- T-Shirts and sweatpants are improper clothing when you walk to your car.
- Bears have a hidden agenda that includes revamping themselves as sex symbols to hide their insecurity, laziness and ignorance.
- Those men are pathetic.

Grow up. It's not cute.

Oh yeah. Your ignorance is not cute. Stop making specious inferences to what is clearly stated. 

So you're saying that everyone should have the same exact opinion as you?  You're saying that everyone should be attracted to the exact same human traits you're attracted to?  Grow up, dumb ass.  Everyone has their own perception of beauty.  Figured you'd learn that by now.

You're not intelligent by asking irrelevant rhetorical questions to clearly written purposeful statements. There's nothing stated other than what's written... dumb ass bitch!

you are absolutely...........FUCKED!

Fuck you, you fucked up, no good FUCKER! Lol. 

Gorgeous face, nice actor, good body, Perfect

really hot!! 

He looks fantastic.......want him to give me a hug.

If this is what some of you queens consider "fat," I wish that everyone would be fat. 3/4 of the population is truly fat, and this aint it. 

Doesn't look like him 



Too fat

I will take you whenever you are available. Jan 5 is my designated destiny. I landed there and it's destined. - Danny

Most of you are complete cunt assholes. Jealous pieces of shit.

Yeah, this is buff? No. It's Bear buff. Fat guy buff. Big, but not defined. 

WOOF! He was hot before, but he makes a great muscle bear!!!!!

Bradley's a good actor, but if he's buffing up for this role, he should have Joe Manganiello as his trainer; Brad needs to add more to his arms!

Beard looks so good on him.  

Dear God in Heaven please let him stay this way! Delicious!

I have to said,u never see Bradley Cooper,tattoos,?

I love him big and furry. He looks much sexier and kinder than when he's all taut and hungry-looking.

Yum!! So Hot!!

Doesn't even look like him. I would have walked right by him and seen a sexy beefy man not knowing that was Bradley Cooper!  Hot!



Buffed up? Not so much as bulked up w/ fat & muscle. Totally unrecognizable. Very much a bear.


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