Bradley Cooper Shows Off In The Shortest Of Shorts For 'American Sniper'!

Bradley Cooper notably beefed up for his role in American Sniper and now he's showing off the fruits of that labor with the some of the shortest shorts we've seen in, well, ever!

Check out Bradley's stems (tree trunks??) in these shots from his American Sniper shoot!

(H/T: Just Jared)


Mr. Cooper is wearing Physical Training shorts.  Never seen so many Ignorant comments.

Does nothing for me.  Women seem to like him.  They can have him.

I would love to see Bradley Cooper naked! Bet he looks HOT!!! Bet he has a BIG cock!

nothing SIZE QUEEN about you!

Not short enough ;)

like any of the above comments matters...he is an amazing actor...that matters..not the insecure judgmental comments from the above peanut crowd....GGGGG...AS Latrice 'motherfucking' Royal would say

Gays deserve no less than to have their cocks snipped of with gardening pruners and made slaves.

We all know you're gay, you rancid infected goat can STFU now and go off yourself

So, you see a man in short shorts, in a non-gay environment, and you start with the ignorant anti-gay comment. You know that means that YOU're gay right?

Where did that even come from? You're a violent, narrow-minded, and plainly unintelligent asshole...

If you are anti-gay, might I ask why you are on Instinct Magazine?  Check out People or Vogue.

He is OK!

He is still destined to be my husband, love me some Bradley Cooper.

Miss the days men showed off there legs!

Nah I'm fine thanXXX.

He is a dream! Loving that bum in those shorts!

I have never been less attracted to Bradley Cooper than at this instant.

oops, finland

nice try, tom of finlad

Is everyone here illiterate?

I think so!

He is thicker and looks good but I don't see the muscles...

1. He didn't "chunk out" he had to bulk up his muscle for this movie roll.

2. I have heard he is very far into the closet. 

Does anyone know the truth about him?

Nice ass:)

what a dumbass

I think he's hot either way!

Gross. He was such a beautiful man before he chunked out.

When I was in high school everyone shorts like these, I blame M. Jordan for making the big baggy shorts popular. and there ugly also..

If your going to complain, atleast use the correct spelling of a word.. its They're!


you should also know that it's you're and not your.

Oh, come on! Mr. Pedantic.

. . . and it's "at least" (not "atleast") and it should be "it's", not "its".  FAIL

You just lost the internet. It's "you're" not "your". Think twice before embarrassing yourself.

Awesome pictures...i love Bradley Cooper !!!! He is the sexiest man alive !!! But he needs to go to the beach more often....a little suntan would not hurt him....jejeje

Maybe he doesn't want wrinkles and skin cancer? Maybe he likes his color. 

I am all about that ass!

It's a beautiful thing isn't it? He also looks a little thicker, which I very much enjoy :)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-men! Who cares about his color!

Nice! More LAGZ also pls!

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