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Brain Cancer Survivor Want To Meet His Idol, Ellen DeGeneres

If you haven't heard about Caleb Miller, you're about to. A brain cancer survivor, with an incredible story, who wants to meet his idol, Ellen DeGeneres.

It all started a few years ago when Caleb was attending high school at Bob Jones Academy. He was outed as gay and expelled. He finished high school from home and then started studying to become a social worker. He suffered from a severe and painful migraine, which lead to a CT scan and the discovery of a brain tumor. Without it being removed quickly, Miller would have died. 

During the surgery, he suffered a massive stroke, which lead to the paralysis of the left side of his body. He was unable to talk or walk. After this, he also suffered two brain hemorrhages. Doctors did not expect him to survive. Yet Miller survived and was in a coma for two months, and only semiconscious for another two. Despite all odds, Miller regained his ability to walk.

Miller sites Ellen DeGeneres as his inspiration to keep moving forward and persisting. He watchers her show daily and reads at least one of her books a day. He constantly rewatches clips on YouTube and uses her as his daily inspiration.

Care2 met Caleb and started a petition to get him on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to meet his idol. Care2 is a social network of 40 million people for good, that "start petitions, and share stories to inspire action." 

Miller still needs a therapist to walk, has some speech impairment, and still does not have much feeling on the left side of his body. He says the petition and Care2 have lifted his spirits and inspires him to keep going. 

The petition is just shy of it's 15,000 goal. Let's band together and help Caleb meet his idol.