Brazilian Brand Sells Homophobic T-Shirts Calling Footballers "Faggots"


As the world prepares to descend upon Brazil in a few months for the World Cup, one Brazilian brand is already attracting plenty of soccer-related attention ahead of the mega-event. Clothing maker Sergio K has debuted a line of offensive (though the designer calls them "irreverent") t-shirts that include two homophobic options. 

One shirt attacks Real Madrid's resident hunk Cristiano Ronaldo. "C.Ronaldo Is Gay" the shirt in question cleverly reads. 

Another calls Argentinean footballer Diego Maradona a maricón (faggot).

"The collection has a irreverent theme and the T-shirts are made for those who want to cheer for Brazil but do not want to wear the official kit," Sergio K said. "It’s not homophobic to me. Homophobia is something else. The T-shirts do not incite violence."

A petition has been created online in response to the disgusting apparel.

"It’s unbelievable and absurd that a store of this size is selling T-shirts with homophobic phrases in shopping malls across Brazil, including prominently in shop windows where it can obviously be seen by children and adolescents,’ the petition reads. "If a T-shirt called a black player ‘monkey’, this would be absolutely unacceptable. Any fan wearing something like that would be ejected from the stadium. We demand the stores stop selling the tops and they must be withdrawn immediately. End homophobia in football!"

According to Sergio K, however, Brazilian consumers love the homophobic tees so much that they've allegedly sold out across the country.

(h/t: Gay Star News)




So idiodicly insane, there's nothing really left to say. Except I hope the people who buy this are extreme jokers.

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