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Brazilian Man Endures 10 Plastic Surgeries "To Look Asian"

A Brazilian man is the latest international plastic surgery media sensation after spending thousands of dollars and undergoing 10 procedures "to look Asian." Yep, that's the same person on the left and on the right in the photo above!

Here's a kind-of-creepy video showing him having a Joker moment:

What do you think of his "after" look, Instincters?





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As long as he's happy, who am I to judge?

I can't imagine what it's like to be in another persons skin however I have not wanted to be in mine at some point and time. If he's happy then great.

Gorgeous? Well, ok, today i am diplomatic... Tastes are different. Very different.

Ok, maybe i am too spoiled why my definition of gorgeous and especially "man" is another or maybe because i am just no Justin Bieber Groupie. However the pictures before show me a blond brazilian baby face and the pictures after show me a brazilian dude looks a like asian baby face.

Baby face persists baby face - so what's the matter?

 Guys, please stop it with the arrogant and ignorant comments. "He has a disorder to have done that to his pretty self", "It's disgusting". Nobody could have opened this article with more anticipation for disgust than myself, and in the end I was surprised. He was a gorgeous man before, and now... he is still pretty attractive. He looks like that fantasy asian boyfriend, and alot of men do like that.  No it doesn't look entirely natural, but it's not terrible you can get used to it if fantasy asian boyfriend is your thing.  I personally would have preferred the blue eyed white boy from the before photo. 

He looks "creepy" to me. And it's not because of the Asian features. He just looks like a freak, very unnatural. 

He looked hot before... hes okay in some of the photo-shopped pics.  He already looks worse than Michael Jackson. When his skin ages he will look like crap.

Wondering if his penis looks Korean as well.......

Maybe that's where it all began.

Not impressed. I wonder if he will ever regret it. He should have left well enough alone.

Absolutely DISGUSTING!

he still looks bangable to me.

Well he is really insane. Wat he done was relly not gud .... u know wat before some years I also want to become fairer like americans ......that was really funny.... my color is average fair.. I m indian ...but now I m happy wat I am....

Why is this even printable? Who cares?

all i know is never get a brazillian from a south korean

Who the fuck wants to look asian?

Who the fucked are you to judge? Bet ur real look is way uglier compared to Asian's. Fuck you red neck !

Jonathan higbee

Jonathan higbee

Jonathan higbe


So so so sad.  He has a disorder.  He looked very attractive before.

Plenty of Asians spend a lot of money on looking Caucasian.  It´s all good, as long as they are happy.

for some reason this story really makes me crazy so i've done some research and sure Asians will have nose jobs, chin reductions, cheek reductions, that eyelid surgery to make their eyes look wider, and dye their hair blonde to look more 'Western' the difference is...THEY STILL LOOK ASIAN!!!!!!!!!!! this Brazilian guy erased EVERYTHING of his old face and i'm sorry but he looks like a drawing of a plastic cat!!!!!!!!!!! i feel for his mother-now when she looks at him for now on she'll see absolutely nothing of the son she birthed!!!!!!!! at least a person changing genders will be the same race and still resemble their relatives only as the sex opposite of what they were!!!!!!!!!!

dannydawn6, if you research asian surgery, they don't want to look more western. They obviously still look asian, they just want to try enhance their appearance like anyone would do, white, black, asian, red... whatever...

You are so ignorant. Just because an Asian gets eye surgery automatically wants to be 'white'. That's so vain. So black girls get straight hair to be asian? White girls get breast implants to be black?

We all tend to jump into judging others for the way they live or act, and some or most are not even related or friends with the individual. Who cares his much did it cost or his did he paid, as long it didn't come out of your pocket. Yes, he wasn't a bad looking guy before, but he is happy with his new exotic Asian look. call him names you think of, " fag", "stupid", "fucking idiot". But trust me on this, he is not going to stop breathing based on a hateful sorry ass comment that anyone can make here. He looks good and is happy.

^the only reasonable comment here so far

Who gives a fuck. Get a life all of you. You bunch of cunts. Doesn't matter what any of you think... Crawl under a rock and die...

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just curious, how much did the surgeries cost and how did he pay for it? 

Typical attention hungry fag. He should seriously get a refund on the nose, as it is misshapen and bulbus.

everything here is 100% an opinion. does your opinion matter to this person? i mean i personally think what he did was ridiculously stupid as well, but who cares what i think? i'm just nobody. especially to him because he doesn't know me. he can do what he wants, and we don't have to agree. if he's content with his decision, then good for him. stop being assholes and voicing your absolutely useless opinions just to make yourself feel better. also why does the word "fag" have to be included with "attention hungry"? like it would've been THAT much better if you just said he was an "attention hungry idiot" even. it's 2014 and the word "fag" is NOT used in our language to insult people anymore. even if it doesn't hurt or apply to this particular person, you still don't use the word because there are other people out there who are offended by it.

That's a pretty drastic change, but I think he looked great then and he looks great now. Hey! To each their own.. We have one life to live, and he went above and beyond to live the way he wants to. Good for him.

Obviously, a person has the right to do what they want with their own body & they will if they choose to. He looked like a good looking guy to begin with though, so not sure why he would bother to go through a bunch of surgeries (& cost) for this...he obviously has "issues". The saddest thing about it all is how many people in the world are not comfortable with what they were born with & place value on their looks as a reflection of their worth. People are never satisfied with what they have. Dark skinned people want to have lighter skin & vice-versa, naturally curly haired people want to straighten their hair & vice-versa. The list goes on. I have nothing against trying new looks for fun & fashion, but when you can't accept yourself as you were born, there is some sort of "self-love" issue going on.

I have a strong opinion about this-THIS GUY IS IN TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!! it's fine to change your hair color, remove a bump from your nose or change your gender to the one you feel you are on the inside but changing your ETHNICITY is a serious insecurity problem!!!!!!!! I consider this exactly the same as black people who bleach their own or their children's skin in order to make it lighter!!!!!! the 'ladies' of 'The Talk' were discussing this guy yesterday and I was horrified to hear them supporting him-TOTAL HYPOCRITICAL BULLSHIT!!!!!!!! if this was a young woman of color having all this surgery in order to look white they and various people in general would be saying she has self esteem issues caused by the media and saying she should look to Lupita Nyongo or Lucy Lui as role models!!!!!!!!!!!!! this guy erased his whole existence all for the current K-Pop trend!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm very confident he'll get bored in a few years and wanna be something else!!!!!!!!! HE NEEDS A THERAPIST NOT A PLASTIC SURGEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He looks super botched. 

This is a first :)


I think the fellow looked great either way.  He looks good now.  However, I just hope after having all those facial surgeries, he ages well.  The tissue around the eyes are so delicate and prone to scarring.

There's gender identity and gender envy. I at one time in my childhood, I wished i were a girl, but i never felt like I was one inside. My point is folks all around the world will often want to be something other. Many dark-skinned South Asians bleach ther skin to look more Euro, and fair-skinned people spend thousands on tanning or skin-darkening agents to look more beautiful, whether based on societal standards of attractiveness or how it makes one feel inside (often correlated). If this one very Euro-looking man wants to look Asian in appearance, who really cares? If it gives him more life fulfillment and happiness, all the power to him.

That's great .!! He look excellent . I'll will do the same . But I'm alredy look Asian lol. Why people always bring their god into this . People there it's not god.. He will be a great model in Japan .. 

His face. Let him do whatever the hell he wants with it.

Why isn't anyone ever happy with what God gave them? And South America is the absolute worst when it comes to cosmetic surgeries. OBSESSIVE!  It sends a bad message. Just be happy and love yourself for who you are and what you look like. God doesn't make mistakes!

God also gave you a brain. So stop using his name to support your position. 

He was good looking before. He doesn't look horrible now, but why would anyone want to do that to themselves?

Statistically speaking, of all the racial groups and sub-groups, Asian men are the least appealing of any segment to the opposite sex. Asian women are the most appealing. In my own non-statistical opinion, Brazilian men are incredibly attractive. Sooooo, kudos to this kid for being a rebel, I suppose. 

"Asian men are the least appealing" wow that wasn't racist at all way to go

It wasn't intended to be. Here's a link to one of a number of similar studies...

Really you're gonna quote some BS research to validate your own racist beliefs? My god and you talk about god gave people a brain - I think he gave you an extra chromosome you dumb f*ck

Oh please. My particular racial segment doesn't rank much higher. Which is the reason that I notice these types of blurbs. You don't hear me crying like a little bitch. The reality is, asian men rank low in appeal, asian women rank very high. Most studies reflect some version of that. 

That study has no validity. Most of the people in the world are Asian. They certainly appear to be attracted to each other based on current census trends. Wait. Your study didn't include the opinions of those Asians.

He probably will be a global star kid.

So stupid. 

Well, the pic used as the thumbnail for the article doesn't look good, but the other pictures shown in the article show him off much better. I'm not really a fan of changing one's self like this guy did, but it isn't a botched surgery job like the human Barbie and Ken or the Cat faced woman, he actually still looks good and human.

He's still very fuckable.

He looked cute before the surgeries! !

I think he used his money the way he wanted to, to look the way he wanted to.

I think he looked soooooo much hotter before

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