Brazilian Man Poses For 100 Different Photographers

A Brazilian man has set out on an ambitious new project to pose nude for 100 different photographers. 

The gentlemen, self-identified only as "Hugo" says he hopes the project will help to encourage evolving perceptions of nudity.

He writes:

I started this project not as a photographer but as a model, in order to “unite” so many different contemporary views and concepts about nudity and, perhaps, help blur the lines that still distinguish, when the human body is portrayed, fine art from amateurfashion from eroticartistic from pornographic, and in this process try to convey that being nude is being human, and the actions and the art we do with it should not need excuses or permission, or be subject to any kind of censorship.

I believe that in order to flourish, we must strip mind and body from repressive bounds and straps and not be afraid to embrace and show who we really are, from the heart to the skin. 

Click HERE to preview some of Hugo's photos.

And then click HERE for to view more...

H/T: Axxidental