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BREAKING: Arkansas Supreme Court Rejects Stay On Marriage Equality, Same-Sex Marriages May Continue!

Looks like marriage equality is here to stay in Arkansas. State Attorney General Dustin McDaniel claimed that Friday's ruling in favor of marriage equality in the state caused "pervasive" confusion. "Confusion is pervasive, and this court should exercise its superintending authority over circuit courts to issue a stay," he said. Moments ago, however, the Arkansas Supreme Court refused to approve the stay, allowing marriage equality to continue!

USA Today reports:

The Arkansas Supreme Court rejected the state attorney general's request Wednesday for a stay of a judge's ruling that overturned Arkansas' constitutional ban on gay marriage.

The high court turned down the request from Attorney General Dustin McDaniel that would have halted the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses.

About 400 couples have tied the knot so far in Arkansas, inspiring today's cover of the Arkansas Times (above). 



The government should pass a law that allows gay marriage in all states. It's not fair for certain states to ban such a basic human right. After all, aren't we the UNITED States of A?

But the newspaper has said for the past two days now that they are NOT giving marriage licenses  to same sex couples. Nothing has changed and same sex couples are being turned away.

I am so proud of our state.  Together, we will move forward.  It will not be a smooth path; I ask that those upset by this remember they have to act within the law.  I ask that those who are thrilled by this be gracious in their victory.  In a generation, this issue will be forgotten.  In a hundred years, it will be a foot note.  But today, it is a wonderful celebration of what it means to be American; that we are all equal under the law, and all due the same rights, privileges, and protections.  Today, America is closer to her ideal.

We in New York are so proud of your state, too.  Congratulations,

And the walls come tumbling down!!!!

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