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BREAKING: Cynthia Nixon Officially Announces She's Running for Governor of New York!

Emmy and Tony-award winning actress Cynthia Nixon officially announced that she is running for Governor of New York on Monday afternoon.

She dropped hints earlier this month, where the former Sex and the City star reportedly talked to political strategists Bill Hyers and Rebecca Katz, two former advisors to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, about her chances of winning.

Now, she's gone full throttle as she just announced her plans to run for Governor in a heartfelt two-minute video that she posted on her Twitter this afternoon.  



The 2018 New York Gubernatorial race will take place on November 6th, 2018.  She will challenge incumbent Andrew Cuomo and several others for the position.  She also made a politically charged speech recently at the 2018 Human Rights Campaign Gala in Manhattan. 

Do you think Cynthia stands a chance? 



I guess it is now official, much like the Roman Republic of old, the American Republic is now dead.  Celebrities without any qualifications other than name-recognition running for the highest office in the state show this.  I wonder if we call Liz up, you think she'll take us back?

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