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Breaking: Jan Brewer Vetoes "Gay Segregation" Bill

In a last-minute press conference, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced that she has vetoed Senate Bill 1062. The Draconian proposal allowing for the refusal of goods and services to gays in Arizona sparked national outrage ever since media sunlight shined onto the GOP's push to bring it into law last week.

"I believe Senate Bill 1062 creates more problems than it purports to solve," Gov. Brewer told press in attendance. "Let's turn the ugliness of the debate over 1062 into a renewed search for greater respect and understanding among all Arizonans and Americans."

Arizona republicans' attempt to discriminate against gay people has died a painful public death in the footsteps of similar fate for related bills in Kansas and a handful of other states. But the religious right's grasping at bigoted straws is not entirely finished; a GOP state senator in Missouri introduced the Jim Crow-style Hail Mary attempt in the Show Me state a few days ago, however. 

Great. Now can we get on to real, actual issues that taxpayers care about?

Check out Brewer's full veto letter here.

We'll have video of Brewer's press conference as soon as it's available.

(Picture of Gov. Brewer vetoing the legislation via Twitter)


I think if you really look closely, if she signed this bill into law there would have been massive lawsuits filed. But I think the lawsuit that would have destroyed religion would have been filed. That lawsuit would have required the proof of god and proof that god believes that religion on earth is correct with the demands of god

Money talks. It would have been a financial disaster for the entire state of Arizona.

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