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BREAKING: New Jersey Court Denies Gov. Christie's Request To Delay Same-Sex Marriages

ABC reports (via Joe. My. God.):

A New Jersey judge has denied a request from Gov. Chris Christie's administration to delay the  start of gay marriage in the state until after a legal appeal is final. The ruling Thursday from Judge Mary Jacobson moves the state a step closer to start recognizing same-sex nuptials on Oct. 21. That's the day Jacobson had said in a previous ruling that the marriages had to be allowed. But Christie's administration is expected to appeal the denial to a higher court.The administration has already asked the state Supreme Court to reverse Jacobson's earlier ruling that the state has to allow gay couples to get married.

Great news for us, but we know Christie won't stop fighting this until a higher court shuts him down. 

Is it Oct. 21 yet?!


Christie was probably the only republican I actually had a shred of respect for.  Then this.  Oh well...

Remember Sodom & Gomorrah?????

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This comment is clearly written by a pre-teen; if you are in fact an adult, your lack of reasoning and critical thinking would make me lose faith in humanity.

Wow Tony, you sound like you might want a little gay love.  We understand that your public homophobia is really just an outlet for your inner woman trying to get out.  It's a shame you never caught your daddy dressing up, you might not have such a chip on your shoulder for being born gay.  It's okay, your sister messed around with girls in college and she turned out just fine.  My advice is to just come out.  Get it over with so you and your family can move on already.  Your kids will understand, after all, they're gay too.


Gov. Christie, why don't you fight more pressing issues like townships in NJ taxing 12% or higher and going against your 2% increase?  Instead you are worried of 2 men or women get married.  What the hell is wrong with you?  Do you need a box of Twinkies to open your eyes, ya fat fuck.    IE; Toms River property tax went up 12% last year and they are doing it again this year.  Why not go after townships instead of to men that just want to marry and live a happy life?  I regret the day you took office.  All that you promised was a lie and now going after same sex marriage.  And I bet if you had the chance, you would let a guy bend you over and fuck you like you are fucking the people that voted for you and/or that live in Jersey.  YOU SUCK MONKEY ASS!   

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He needs more cake and ice cream for his fat ass to think at all 

He has to please his Repug base and his Roman puppet masters ( and the citizens of Jersey get to pay for it . . . )

This Mr. Christie character needs to learn some basic common sense, it's called love and respect for equality and human rights.

It is in his own best interest to shut the F up  and save the tax dollar money for other things like bruiting the  Broadway and  buying himself more ice cream for his fat mouth

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