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Breaking News: Actor Paul Walker Dies In Fatal Car Crash



We have sad news to report. 

Paul Walker, the actor most known for his role in the Fast and Furious movie franchise, died in a car crash today when his Porsche lost control, crashed into a tree, burst into flames and exploded.

TMZ reports the single car accident occurred in Santa Clarita, just outside of Los Angeles where authorities are still investigating. 

The 40 year old actor was a passenger in the car which held him and one other person, the driver, who has also died.

According to reports, Walker has been taking people on test drives at a car show charity event to raise money and help victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. 

R.I.P. Paul.  






Paul Walker was a great actor of Hollywood who has done many action movies. He was popular for his dedication to the film industry. There are many fans of his acting that are now in deep sorrow after his death. Paul & his driver were met by an accident which caused a reason for his death. He was traveling by his Porsche car & the car was crashed to a tree due to lack of control. Porsche cars are big in size & bit difficult to drive. Accidents are happened due to this type of situation where a car driver fails to control the car. After the accident the car was burst in fire.

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Paul Walker's death is tragic as other tragedies daily happening during daily road accidents.These are the result of rash driving, use of drugs and sheer carelessness of road users and drivers.When we violate the traffic rules we have to pay for it which is very precious one.accident repairs cirencester

rest in peace paul  

u r not alive 

but u r live in me 

we miss u much

so sad gone to soon my heart goes out to your family you will be missed so much rest in peace paul xxxxxxx

This is so tragic, and unexpected. This shouldn't be real. He was so good-looking, and talented. Unfortunately, I wasn't a huge fan of his, but he did make some good films, especially "Joy Ride", and "Pleasantville".

R.I.P. Paul, now Heaven has a sexy new angel.

This is so tragic, and unexpected. You wish it was real. He was so good-looking, and talented. Unfortunately, I wasn't a huge fan of his, but he did make some good films, especially "Joy Ride", and "Pleasantville".

R.I.P. Paul, now Heaven has a sexy new angel.

Please don't pay attention to this message. I typed it wrong, believe me, I wish this wasn't real.

He was such a good man he died trying to help the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines.  So good looking and so kind. What a shame. My heart goes out to his loved ones.

More of the story is coming out today. But I find it ironic that the star of 'Fast and Furious' dies in a fast and furious car accident...

When a beautiful man dies, especially in such a horrific manner, it is a great tragedy for us

all. R.I.P. and give comfort to those he left behind, especially his daughter and family.


Really man dies and all you can say is I'm sad he didn't blow me .. You are a disrespectful swine

I agree.  These ur libido out of this.   

Sure hate he died before I got the chance to watch him cup that beautiful, perfect mouth round this throbber of mine. His ass too!!

Are you saying Paul was gay or you are the furthest thing from a decent human being.  Such a disgusting comment.  

Too bad you weren't in the car instead of Paul. 

bad boy :p

DOes anyone know if he had a son to at least carry his good looks?

What a waste!

He has a 15 year old daughter....

RIP to his family, friends and fans

Tnx for helping d Philippines, u had such a good heart

So sad to hear about this. My heat goes out to his family and friends. RIP Paul. You were a total sweetheart. 

the danger of the car . RIP.

Comfort and love to his family!

sad to hear.R.I.P

My prayers and thoughts r with their families at this time...too young was full of life..RIP PAUL WALKER 

This was a terrible tragedy losing Paul Walker. My condolences to his family and friends.

This is super sad he was the best person in films that knoe what he was doing in movies . Rip bro .

Just unbelievable.....I wish this was all jst a bad nightmare..RIP

So sad nice guy. I meet hew a few times in NYC with Vin Desiel and he was the nicest guy. RIP Bro.

God only takes the best to be by his side. Rip you will be missed dearly! You were always doing good in this crazy world. # team pw ♡♡♡♡♡

REST IN PEACE PAUL WALKER.. LOVED ALL YOUR MOVIES.. YOU LEFT WAY TOO SOON.. Condolences to your family and daughter...

Rest In Peace Paul Walker you will be missed on the Silver Screen.. your blue eyes smile and sense of humor.. condolences to your family and friends in this tragic time and to your daughter..

Heart is weeping for my favorite actor. I just can believe it such young person to loose a live in such tragic.

Daniel Herman

Alberta, Canada

R.I.P. Paul Walker, your dazzling smile and your piercing blue eyes will be greatly missed.  My thoughts and prayers are with his daughter, family and friends,

So sad this is a terrible waste a talented young man who was so young

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