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Brendon Ayanbadejo Offers To Help Educate Ole Miss Students After Anti-Gay Heckling

NFL veteran and LGBT ally Brendon Ayanbadejo has penned an open letter (because who isn't penning open letters these days??) to the University of Mississippi following this week's incident in which twenty members of the Ole Miss football team heckled actors with gay slurs during a production of The Laramie Project, a play that centers around the hate crime murder of Matthew Shepard.

Ayanbadejo's letter encourages the Ole Miss administration to educate its students on the severity of intolerance and homophobia rather than solely doling out punishment. He notes:

A representative of the Ole Miss athletes allegedly apologized -- after being prompted by a member of the school's academic staff -- but many didn’t quite understand what they were apologizing for.

That's the problem. Many of these athletes and students don't understand the severity of this type of behavior and Ayanbadejo offers his assistance in effectively changing that and informing students on the importance of LGBT inclusivity. 

Check out Brendon's full open letter here

What do you think about Brendon's message to University of Mississippi administrators and students, Instincters?


Not trying to get too political here, but Nate Silver's predictions show that Mississippi would be the last state in the union to legalize same-sex marriage. So I'm not surprised that even the "educated" in that state take no issue with obvious homophobia.

" . . . but many (of the athletes) didn’t quite understand what they were apologizing for." 

Hard to believe that they didn't understand.  This is sad on so many levels.  Forgetting for a moment the gay slurs, just look at what they did that they're unaware of doing.

They were disrespectful to other theatergoers who wanted to see the play.  It was ignorant to iinterrupt a play that was being presented by classmates who worked hard to do their best in this production.  It trivialized the death of Matthew Shepard (though, to be fair, I'm sure that most of them had no idea of who Shepard was).  It shows a lack of manners - is it OK to behave as if they're in a locker room or frat house anywhere they go?  Would they behave this way in church?  Do they act like this in class?    Of course, had the slurs been directed at them, I'm sure that they would have been outraged and attacked whoever said anything like that to them.This sounds like they're a group of young adults who feel extremely entitled to behave however they want to where ever they are because they're BMOC football jocks. 

If they truly don't understand what they did, then it's incumbent on the university to educate them.  Someone needs to carefully and repeatedly explain to them what the multiple problems were here and how reprehensible their behavior was.  A forced "apology" from someone who doesn't understand what he did is a farce and useless. 

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