Brian Sims Introduces Marriage Equality Bill In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims, one of our prestigious Leading Men of 2013, introduced marriage equality legislation in Philadelphia's Love Park on Thursday morning. Along with Rep. Steve McCarter, the pair announced HB 1686, a bill that would extend marriage rights to same-sex couples in the state, and expect it to pass. 

“The majority of Pennsylvanians now support marriage equality, and that support continues to grow,” Sims said. “Neighboring states, including New York, Maryland and Delaware, have all decided to be on the right side of history and have granted equal rights to their LGBT citizens. The time has come for Pennsylvania’s legislature to stand up and let our citizens know we see them as truly equal members of society and they have the right to choose whom they marry.”

“This goes beyond simply legalizing gay marriage,” McCarter said. “This is about ensuring all Pennsylvanians have equal benefits and protections before the law. Marriage equality and the benefits associated with it need to be afforded to all of our citizens, and the people of Pennsylvania support that idea. The issue is getting our fellow legislators to listen to their constituents and the voice of Pennsylvanians who are calling for this bill to proceed.”



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