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Bringing Home The Boyfriend For Passover

What is Passover all about? As a Roman Catholic kid I always remember it as the time of the year they show that Charlton Heston "Moses" movie on tv.  But there's more to the religious observance than watching the deceased NRA proponent carrying a big stick across the desert.

Greg Wolf or G Wolf posted this little educational and funny video onto his YouTube page.  He made the video for the Passover holiday to the tune of Summertime, by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and since he's originally from Philadelphia, it's a great tribute.

The theme for his SEDER TIME music video is Greg bringing home his boyfriend for the first time to meet the family and also to teach him the back story of the Passover holiday in the form of a rap.



Thanks G Wolf.  It was educational and funny as well as had a great message at the end. 

We're going to have to keep an eye on your G Wolf page for more of your creativity in the future.