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BRIT Awards Get Help From Martin and Ridgeley To Honor George Michael

We were there to watch the Grammy Audience Cheer On Adele During Vulnerable George Michael Tribute Moment, but much of us on this side of the pond missed out on the longer, more personal tribute done at the 2017 BRIT Awards.  The tribute for George Michael began with his Wham! partner Andrew Ridgeley and the duo's backup singers Pepsi & Shirlie (real names Helen DeMacque and Shirlie Holliman) coming on stage and sharing personal tales of George.

After their tales, Coldplay's Chris Martin performed George Michael's 1986 song "A Different Corner."  Martin was joined by Michael to end the song.





 "I never really wanted to be somebody else."

Who did it best?   Did the Americans or the Brits?

And if you wanted to hear the original "A Different Corner," here is George Michael singing it on his own.