Brit Stud Dan Osborne Gives Us A Naked(ish) Bathtub Selfie

​Dan Osborne certainly knows how to usher us into the weekend!! The British stud had all of our pulses racing with this steamy naked bathtub selfie!

Thanks, Dan!!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Hmmm, a mirror above the bathtub. I could put that to good use. 

Blow them bubbles away

OhmyfffingDggggddd........ * speechless

prefer his stage pic. thats the muizak to it!!!!! :-)

What is he doing in a gay news, being straight? 


I've been saying that forever. What the f is up with them ALWAYS highlighting/featuring straight dudes?

I don't see why they shouldn't feature hot straight guys?  It's eye-candy.  It's not like we're about to have sex with them.  Just pictures of hot reason to discriminate.

Tats aside the man is HOT!

What blasphemy is this? The tats only add to the hotness.

Is there a Michael Jackson tattoo on his right shoulder? 

But you still looked. Shut the fuck up you negative bunch of vicious harpies! Get thee to a gym!

Eh !
He's not THAT good looking !

I didn't make him for you!

Actually lol-ed.

You win the internet.

no he's not big deal naked in a tub breaking news 

you'd be so lucky

Screw the tub, that is some lucky ass water ;)

The mirror didn't fog. :S

I'm guessing he's at a hotel. that's one lucky tub!

If I was as beautiful as him, I'd put mirrors on my ceiling  over the bath tub too.

Oh I guess he has mirrors on the ceiling over hi bathtub... oh and that is not naked!

He's naked, IN the tub.  

It's just a tease.  He is not necessarily naked.

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