British Rugby Star Punished For 5 Matches After Calling Player A "Fag"

Zak Hardaker of the England International rugby team is taking his newly-doled out punishment in stride. After calling another player a "fucking fag" in late May, the 22-year-old has been punished with a sentence of sitting out five games and a $550 dollar fine. 

The Daily Mail reports:

Hardaker, who was represented by his club's legal team, was charged with a grade E offence, which carries a suspension of between four and eight matches, after his offensive comments were spotted on television during Leeds' 24-6 defeat by Warrington 11 days ago.

Hardaker last week issued an apology for his comments, admitting he used inappropriate language and insisted they were aimed at Warrington captain Michael Monaghan, rather than referee James Child, which appeared to be the case.

Hardaker responded to today's news with a tweet of humility, writing, "Thank you everyone for ur support, 5 games it is. You live and learn and that's life, so I'll just make sure I come out better for it "

(h/t: Towleroad)