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Is Britney Spears Collaborating With RuPaul For Her New Single?!

We're viewing this with a very healthy dose of side eye because it actually sounds...unrealistic, but the interwebs are abuzz with the latest rumor that Brit Brit might be sampling RuPaul's "Supermodel (You Better Work)" on her upcoming single! (It's alleged by many sources that Britney's new single will be called "Werk Bitch".)

The rumor mill started based on a Facebook status update from producer Jean Baptiste, who's known to be involved with Britney's upcoming 8th album. Baptiste wrote:  “Work, turn to the left, work, now turn to the right, work” and added "RuPaul voice" as a P.S. 

Personally, we just think Jean Baptiste likes the RuPaul song and decided to quote it. (Like people are known to do with any number of RuPaul-isms.)

Anyway, the buzz continued to get better when Ru tweeted Miss Britney saying: 

But not so fast! She tweeted the exact same thing to Jason Wu and Dr. Oz minutes before. 

Our take? Though the thought of RuPaul and Brit Brit being involved in a collaboration is a veritable glitter bomb--we think this is simply a fun rumor that's spun out of control.

What do you think, Instincters? Are you craving a RuPaul/Britney collab? Think it's gonna happen?


Image Source (H/T: Idolator)