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Britney Spears Super-Fan Releases 'Work Bitch' Cover Video--And It's EVERYTHING

​Britney Spears super-fan Gal Volinez may have unleashed the best fan-made video, well, ever!

Gal came to WORK, in this re-enactment of "Work Bitch"! 

Check it out: 

The lighting changes in the pool? Dead.

This Stan is everything--we're sure Brit Brit would approve! 


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Conceptually is was very interesting. But I would love to go at least one day without seeing some dumb queen try to dance like Britney, Beyonce or some other diva. 

At least he did his thang! 

I applaud him !!!! U go Boi do ur thing 

Stan was not anything!  Not a good parody

That was gross I bet he was farting the whole time.

That was AWESOME ! Amazing confidence! ! You work it man !

The dance moves are on point!


I love Britney, but she is never supportive of her eccentric super fans. I have seen her roll her eyes at most of them!!

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