Bromans Star Claims To Have The Largest Penis On Reality Television

Photo: ITV

British reality hunk Brandon Myers currently appears on the ITV series, Bromans.

If you've got a keen eye or a good memory, you likely recognize him as one of the many hunks to strip down on the competition show's premier episode.

Or you may recognize Myers from the many times his shown of his impressive endowment on Instagram.

And now, he's now boldly claiming to have the biggest penis on reality television.

Speaking of his impressive package, Myers recently told The Sun that he's down for a "penis competition" with fellow reality star Chris Hughes.

He joked:

“There should be a poll on Twitter. If there was a poll, I would win."


“[Chris is] quite well-endowed but you can’t compete with a Ghanaian genetic willy. You can’t compete.”

According to The Sun, Myers has a "nine-and-a-half inch manhood."

As for what he calls his monster, the reality star said:

“I call it my other leg a lot. It is my other leg. I'd like to give it quite a cool name.

And as for how his package has been received, on the Bromans set?

“When I was showering I think everyone was jaw-droppingly jealous. The girls were jealous. All the boys were mesmerised. Wowed by it. It was the talk of Ancient Rome. My briefs didn’t really fit.” 

H/T: Gay Times



Wouldn't it be more interesting to speak about homosexuality and bisexuality erasure in that reality show that claims to be based on Roman times?


As we all know, showers are no growers.

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