Bryan Hawn Gets Wet In Sexy Beyonce 'Pretty Hurts' Cover Video

We're suddenly feeling dirty--and we're hoping Bryan Hawn will help us get clean!! 

The sexy stud who's served up some unforgettable video tributes gets all wet in this sexy cover video for Beyonce's "Pretty Hurts."


It hurts indeed, y'all! 


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


wow... his videos just keep getting better. HOT HOT HOT! I bought his book THE LIST & THE LIST 360. Fantastic fitness tips. Definitely got me in shape super fast for a few parties :)

Can we get Ryan Lochte to do this? (in better underwear)

This is pretty disappointing... music video really has nothing to do with the song. Repetitive, and doesn't make sense. What in the world is he doing with that lotus????? Also the editing is not that great. No offense to Bryan, but it could've used a whole lot more effort... and a better production person. 

Yay. Another butterface parroting Beyonce. That underwear is horrible. 

Your name says it all... burnt bulb. YAY!! another ugly bitter troll in the comment section. This guy is stunning beautiful. Eyes, face, smile, lips, body... perfect!

this made my whole day

WOOOOOOOOOWWWW! break me off a piece of that. DAYUM

I bought his fitness book THE LIST 360 a few weeks back. It's absolutely fantastic. The guy knows what he's doing... obviously. haha <3 U Bryan!

Those underwear are yuck.  Good looking guy though

I disagree. I think they are fucking hot! And his ass totally looks amazing in them. I like the front as well. His quads are fantastic. If you can't see why people are gushing. Its because you either have poor taste, or maybe are blind?

I agree about the underwear. From the front, it looks like she's wearing a diaper.  I don't see why so many are gushing over this guy. He's obviously in shape, but there is just something off to my eye, like his body proportions are off. And his face is just average.  Lots of guys in WeHo who are hotter. If this guy hit on me, I wouldn't be interested... especially since he's going around embarrassing himself with these silly, cheesy videos.

Not to mention he is a world renowned fitness expert, fitness videos and books out and published. Yeah, he is embarrassing himself. That guy would never hit on you, I have lived in WeHo and not many are hotter than him and if he hit on you, you would cream your fucking panties on the spot like a cocker spaniel bitch in heat and get on all fours and beg him to fuck you. Problem with that scenario is? You are a little bitch and Bryan can't stand prissy little cunts like you who seek to do nothing but put others down because of their own insecurities.

OMG! you are hilarious. Thank you for giving him that dose of reality. Perfectly said. Everyone else was thinking it, but you said it. LMAO

After reading all the gushy "omg bryan is such a god and he can fuck me any time he wants" drivel that was previously posted, I took a moment to decide whether I wanted to post something contrary, especially since I could already see that I was going to be in the minority opinion. But I decided to post for one reason and one reason only.... to see how a minority opinion gets treated in this type of format. And true to form, you and others responded in a way that I thought was going to happen and, that is, with no class whatsoever.  You and others didn't so much as disagree with my opinion, you went in for cheap personal attacks and nothing else.  It is ok for people to post gushy silly stuff about this guy (or anybody else for that matter), but to offer a contrary comment is being "bitchy", a "cunt" and "seeking to do nothing but put others down".  In your world critical thinking doesn't appear to be allowed.  According to your thinking, if you say someone is handsome, I can't say that I don't think that person is handsome because to do so would be "doing nothing but putting others down".  Have you no clue about point/counter-point or pro & con or simple difference of opinion, for that matter? I can see you aren't one for tolerance or diversity of opinion, that's for sure. I didn't call anyone names in my post, nor do I do so in this post. I didn't demean or degrade, nor do I do so here. I simply said that (1) I didn't see what the fuss was about this guy, (2) I don't think he's all that "fussworthy" and (3) that his videos are cheesy & silly. I didn't use any vulgar or derogatory language whatsoever. I simply stated my opinion. Yet, the only way that you and others can respond is, not with a counter opinion or counterpoint(s), but rather, with the personal attacks.  How would you like it if I, or anybody else, launch obscenity laced verbal attacks at you like you did at me? Wouldn't be very welcome, would it?  Well the same goes for you. Your personal attacks are way out of line and I do not accept the premises underlying said attacks, as they are patently wrong.  Rather than supporting any point you are trying to make, you vulgar personal attacks only serve to undermine any intelligence of whatever point you are trying to get across. Well, you can go in the gutter, but you aren't going to drag me there! Enough Said!

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. We are a small community. We need to work with each other not against each other. When you put negativity out there, you get it back... its not that hard of a formula my dear

So YES keep your negative opinion to yourself. We need to build each other up.

If the "Comments" section were meant for only positive comments, then what is the purpose of having a Comments section it in the first place.  Is the "Comments" section meant to be a vehicle to simply stroke the ego of the magazine, the writer or the subject of the article?  If all opinions are not welcome, then an article like this just becomes a puff piece, which it comes close to being in the first place because of the subject matter.  There can be no diversity of opinion or discussion when all opinions are not allowed.  My post was not about saying something that wasn't "nice", as I did not degrade or name call in any way.  I just stated a different point of view.  Is this not allowed?  If I had name called  or degraded, then that would be a HUGE difference and your point would be more appropriate.  I simply said this guy and his video were not for me. Nothing more than that.  That's all.

Daniel, that Patrick Wendlin... guy IS the gutter!  This trashy little aging faggot can't stand opinions that goes against the sexy and nerdy, so resorting to personal attacks is her tact of "arguing" instead of staying on point.  And your lengthy though intelligent response most surely overwhelmed Ms. Patrick that he grazed on.

you are trash and your response is GUTTER Nick. who taught you to talk like that??

Yeah, the doctor with the incredible body, perfect face, beautiful smile and eyes who can also sing and has his own album out, models clothing and underwear, has fun with goofy cheesy videos and has people from around the world who love watching him, not to mention he loves animals and so much more and you can claim what you little cunt?

She?? are we watching the same video.

That's a man honey. save your she pronouns for you and your queeny friends. This guy is a greek statue

Have you ever heard of a typo? If I was seeking to degrade, I wouldn't have used "he" in the rest of my post. Sheesh!

This guy is on his way to becoming a huge star... He's way to beautiful to not be

I have been following this guy on youtube for a while... His videos keep getting better and better!

This completely goes against the song's message. He's an attractive man, but this could have been better handled than him sexualizing and gloating over his own body while he fucks a car. 

That's the funny part. He's making light of how people sensationalize beauty and materialistic things. It's a parody

On a serious note. I take the meaning of this song seriously and I like Bryan Hawn but he really should've thought twice before he did this. It about loving your inner self and not promoting an image to attract or entice people which is exactly what happened. Instinct made this article based on his body let's just keep it real. Nothing meaningful or genuine.

This video was not meant to take seriously. It was meant to make fun of vanity. He's laughing at himself in the video. It's supposed to be ridiculous.

people are so ignorant

If this was intended to mock vanity, then the delivery was bad. It just looked unintentionally foolish. 

I know what I want for my birthday and it's not the car... Lol

Dem Cakes!!

Whoever this guy is fucking is so lucky... DaMN!

Finally some eye candy for the boys. Yes Please! I will have seconds... Thirds... :)

This guy is actually a fitness author. I just bought THE LIST 360. It's amazing. More Bryan Hawn please!

Looks like a typical FAG! Needs to be strapped to that car and raped for days by any ole jagged, AIDS infected cock that wants to have it.

And you should be hung by your balls and then castrated. We dont need idiots like you procreating. 

This guy is possibly the most beautiful guy on the planet, and definitely the most perfect ass in the history of life

What the heck does he do to get his butt that round and tight.

That ass is perfection... Wow!!!

Lol I love the comments. That was so horrible. gay men need some modesty... It is more sexy.

Don't encourage this...geesh

Someone throw a bucket of ice cold water on me.  Is it just me or...... Faints!

Oh yeah, that sweet cum dump has definitely seen its share of cock...and it's clearly ready for more! Where's the line?

I hope that's not how you pick up guys... if it is... I have a feeling you probably haven't seen a cock in a while :( Here's a tip: Less is More... lol


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