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Bryan Hawn Unleashes His Infamous "Big Fat Butt" In His Jason Derulo "Wiggle" Cover

Bryan Hawn has somehow wiggled his butt into a pair of jeans in his latest YouTube cover music video. Keep an eye out for the scenes that make Bryan look like a stand-in for Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" shoot. 


That ASS should be in the smithsonian institute

That man is hotter than fish grease!~!! damnnnnnn homie, he can sing, dance, best selling author, fitness model.  I want to pay him just to keep breathing OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Body looks good... I'm verse so id totally screw him.  Face throws me off though... Super fem

I would marry that ass, and i'm in the closet. But i would come out for that Perfect  his face is alright he has like a a sexy nerdy thing goin. Like if Channing Tatum's face was on that body I would just die. fucking cut my wrist and bleed out.....

Am I the only one who was distracted by his weird upper lip?

His k

lips are different.....nice with a deep redness....they are not perfect lips but kissable!!!

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I'd be afraid to fuck him. That ass could probably rip my dick off.

everybody stop complaining.  if you don't like the video, don't watch it.  if you do, you do.  either way, this video is basically softcore porn to jerk off to.  he's doing us guys a favor.  he can just make regular videos clothed and bore us all.  be happy that he's making masturbation material for us.  the only problem i have with this is that he's charging for the rest of the footage.  i understand he needs to make his money but it would be better off if it were free.  

Doing us a favor???? OMG Poor loser you are who are not getting laid! LOL. No thuggy fuck-for-weed black guys near you? Young latino sluts looking for a gringo daddy? No white guys looking for meth? No one out there who can help you out? LOL


You would have to have a giant dick to reach his hole thru all that disgusting jelly ass. Bet he fucks niggers.

Your brave you stupid fuck. And I bet u have a pencil dick. The shit probably only 3 inches. You prolly couldn't do shit with a ass like that. Even if my dick couldn't reach I would tear that ass up anyway I could. As a black man I pity you because you are actually the real nigger. Because only niggers call other people niggers.

Yeah man! You are tottaly right! He totally only gets fucked by BBC. I feel he drinks lots of diet racism too! (loves mandingo thugs and denies it)

Fuck you, learn to have some respect for other and not call ppl by those ignorant as terms! You disgusting person!

You mean he Fkd you?

The majority of the world hates us because we're gay, and you're racist.  Proof that humans are freaking idiots.

 Better than being a brainless troll like you.  Shithead.

Pot calling the kettle much? Stupid cunt.

Seriously? What prompted the racist remark? There isn't even a black person in the vid. You seem really pissy. 

He was replying to the ignorant post by Anonymous (such bravery, posting with no name):

This was the anonymous post:

Anonymous - August 21, 2014

You would have to have a giant dick to reach his hole thru all that disgusting jelly ass. Bet he fucks niggers.

I realize that. That is the comment I was responding to. Mr. Anonymous who appears to have a real hangup for bringing up "%iggers" in response to a video that doesn't have black people. Is that how he steers every conversation? 

Question to Mr. Anonymous... "How's the weather over in your trailerpark?"

Mr. Anonymous... "It's raining. Goddamnedfucking %iggers!"

those, uh. those lips though. they were distracting me from all that ass and body

Totally agreed!!! I felt the same way. 

More power to anyone who wants to post videos of themselves doing whatever they want online, but can we agree that this is neither a cover or a parody?

Too bad about his face tho...

I bet if he was skinny with a regular body,  you won't be calling him "beautiful". He is an ok looking guy (face) and screwed up his lips by putting collagen in them, with that seen. I don't believe that ass is 100 real. He augmentated it

haha... this guy is stunningly beautiful... too bad you've gone blind. lol

you don't have to worry though, cause a guy like this would never ever want you

#stupid trolls

To each his own. I particularly don't find him attractive or special. He is just an average looking guy with a fake ass and lips who is desperate for attention and hungry for BBC! If he wouldn't have a fucked up personality, he won't be modifying his body and making "parodies" to get all of those "forever alone's" like you to praise him. #proudtobeatroll

BTW google muscular men's asses and you will be convinced that he not only worked his ass out but also filled the sides of his muscles to make it look round n big. No muscular ass looks like that honey.

Where do you know that he is hungry for big black c*cks? Don't accuse him for that if you're not sure!

Honey, if you want to f%ck and please an ass like that. You need to have a BBC. Guys like this end up being size queens!

You have a chip on your shoulder mate. Get over it

Anti-Gay Song/Video -" Livin Outside Of God's Word" - by Surrender

-When a man loves a woman,a woman loves a man
-It's all a part of God's family plan
-As Adam to Eve,a man takes a wife
-But as Bruce is to Steve (Oh,Lord),it's bound to take your life **{chorus} It's called Livin' Outside of God's Word Ain't it the strangest thing,you've ever seen or heard You keep on doin' as you please (laugh) Now that's your choice,here comes your disease (yeah) Someday soon my God will bring you to your knees Oh,oh oh,oh Oh...........................

-Now Sodom and Gomorrah,they never stood a chance
-This godly man did plea,but they would not repent
-So do all that you see,that's right in your eyes
-Until the word of God comes from His judgment seat
-To burn it all with fire........... }chorus} -followed by guitar interlude
Are you ready for a Love,that's sent from above -It's when a woman loves a man,what don't you understand -When God blessed the seed,He came through Adam and Eve -Not Steve and Dave,not Ellen and Mary Jane (Ahhhhhh!!!) #Guitar solo#

-When a man loves a woman,a woman loves a man
-It's all a part of God's family plan
-As Adam to Eve,a man takes a wife
-But as Bruce is to Steve,it's bound to take your life(uhhhh)... ****GOOD-BYE SODOM & GOMORRAH!!!!!!!!******

The only thing you've ever destroyed is your brain, you stupid troll.  Fuck off.

Every learned Biblical scholar-- oh, and that includes Jesus-- asserts that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed not for homosexuality,nor their general "lust for life", shall we say... but for their lack of hospitality to strangers.  In the world of the Ancient Middle East, hospitality was crucial to survival: food, water and shelter were scarce; nighttime was deadly because of wild animals and criminals; and there was no such thing as motels.  When people traveled, they had to rely on strangers to give them safe lodging and food.  If you had ever read the account in Genesis, you would see that God sent two angels to warn the people, but the citizens tried to rape them-- not consensual sex, but rape. To give you an idea how corrupt the city was, the GOOD GUY in the story, Lot, offered up his own daughters to them as a rape substitute (thanks, Dad!) but luckily for them, they were more keen on raping the foreigners.

But I'm glad you have a cool song to misinterpret scriptures by, while you troll gay sites.

Umm, are we supposed to share in your delusion? Mental illness isn't catching, you know.

Just out of interest, which happens in the animal kingdom: religion or same-sex relationships?

I'll answer that for you: same-sex relationships. So, which is more natural*? Hmmm?

*just for the record, I don't believe in that 'natural' argument, as I wear contract lenses, and take synthesized chemicals when I'm sick, and live in man made materials... But it's an argument the religious use a lot.

This guy is gross. 

Lips: fake, ass: fake. I hope he doesn't enlarge his ass more otherwise he'll look like Nicki Minaj!

Awwww that's cute... Your jealous

Bryan was a national Junior Olympic Track star at age 12. He has also coached mens gymnastics for the past 4 years. U have no clue what your talking about. The ass is 100% pure muscle

I'm not jealous! I have a nice real, worked out bubble butt and those real muscle butts do not look like that! A pure muscle butt tends to look like some big hand is squeezing it in the middle. That butt is pure muscle and whatever you want but IT HAS ALSO BEEN AUGMENTATED. His athletic life has nothing to do with the fact that he might consider blowing up his ass. Ok Bruce Jenner was an Olympic star and has no plastic surgeries right? LOL You are so blinded!

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Good thing men aren't (technically) able to enlarge something else in his case

Lol right?

Meep Meep

Sit on my face for days

Tongue his hotass to orgasms

Guys, I have been doing his ASS workout for a little over 2 weeks, and I can already see a difference. Dude knows what he is doing. I'm already seeing more shelf on the top part, the bottom part of my glutes is starting to round out as well. His workouts are amazing!

Here is a link to the exercises

What is wrong with his lips?! 

It's called bad silicone from a backroom doctor. Unfortunately, it happens. They did a great job on his ass tho...

It's the Herp. 

I love when old bitter trolls use the internet

this guy is flawlessly beautiful... Love his lips!!

you guys are bitter because you know a guy as beautiful as that would never want you. Lol

Drew - did you see the same lips as the rest of us saw. Take OFF you dick blinders for a minute and tell the truth. The boy is hot but has some LIP issues.

He needs to exfoliate his lips. All that crusty-crust

Uh... yea. The body is nice but he needs better dance moves. And a better song.

Seriously. Absolutely no "wiggle" in that ass.

He is wearing too much lip gloss and has a tiny dic.

I like the guy and his butt but I hate Jason Derulo's music more. Couldn't make it through the entire song.

What a dumb song!





Are you freaking kidding me. Are you actually real? Lol. A sad excuse for a human being. You probably do some mindless job and have some mindless hobbies like hunting. I bet you do not contribute to society in any meaningful way. This statement is probably above your IQ. Go back to your dump of a life and let us continue our fabulous existence.

I don't see why so many people are bothered by this. All gays do is tear down each other, so why should the rest of the world react any different.

maybe when gays learn how to build up and support their own kind... The rest of the world will follow

No dear. As in any aspect of human sexuality, people treat down people. It doesn't matter if they are straights against straights, gays against gays or asexual against asexual, it happens across the board. Don't be an ass-hat, you know this to be true, so why make stupid, easily debunked, really not helpful comments?

Also, for your information, the treating down is usually by the vocal minority. The vast majority of people do not care enough either way to make a comment. Of the tiny amount who do comment, it may seem like a majority, but they are just much more vocal. It's a need to be heard that makes them comment in such a way. And this is shared across the board, not just gays.

Why not think before typing next time? It might stop you from seeming asinine.

God bless you. And bless these gays in the USA.

Obviously we gays are doing something right... and this guy is just full of hate and disdain (because he's probably repressing his own homosexuality, or sexuality in general, because of some archaic teachings and stupidity).

Seriously thought MORONS like you would get with the program already!!!

Besides what is a Redneck like yourself doing on this website anyway ??? secretly also a FAG perhaps ???

Anyway might be time for you to stop looking at gorgeous boys and go climb back on your sister like you are use to maybe God will forgive you for that too


The Dick Destroyer

God is a homosexual/straight/pansexual. Jokes on you.

JUDGE NOT, THAT YE BE NOT JUDGED, Judy. .....and get a life while you're at it!

Awwww, can you feel it everybody? Huh? All that Christian Love we all keep hearing about........and yet they can't figure out why we despise their filthy faith....go figure.

haha nerd

Grrrl, shut the fuck up and go home.  Better yet, back under your bridge, silly troll. 

somebody is all up in the closet, huh? You sure do spend a lot of time on these "sinful" websites. I guess the "d" just wasn't that good last night, because you kinda seem bitter, queen.

Haters are gonna hate.

if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all.

Please tell me what all the fuss is about? 

Yes, he has a wicked butt and a body to die for, but he has a face like a horse's butt!

The phrase 'double bagger' comes to mind!

Each to their own i suppose

Oh, my GOD! You have GOT to be kidding. That boy is drop dead gorgeous from the hair on the top of his pretty head, to the tasty toes on his hot sexy feet. He has an absolutely GORGEOUS mouth, first of all. Look how expressive his lips are! His slightly off-center teeth are just sexy as hell and I would worship the ground he walks on. Double bagger? That's not only unjustifiably cruel, it's simply not true. I've never even heard of this boy, but now, I am a devotee. YOU GO BOY!

He's comfortable in his skin and having a good time! If you can do better...paleeeeeze step right up and show us what you're working with!

is it just me or is he "GAY"? lol lol

No it's not just you. Lots of people are. No need to be ashamed.

Lush x

Damm these queens are evil its just a video good lord

Well I like it. 

Bryan is a super nice guy, and has a great attitude, not to mention killer body and awesome ass.  All you haters who want to just get online and talk s**t about people, go out and freaking do something.  Even if it is just to dance in a thong to entertain people.  Make this world better, there is enough pain and hurt, quit adding to it.  

MARRY ME!!!!!!!!

Never heard of this guy before, and not hard to see why.  Lifeless and pathetic.  Buy some chapstick.

Damn, who pissed in your double latte?


Nice bod. But that face can peel paint. 

I'm sure your face is just prize winning. LOL

Jealous bitter trolls should be banned from computers

Bryan, your are stunning and your face is so handsome... keep going bro!

Really now. The reality is, if you are going to put yourself out there begging for attention, then don't be surprised or upset when it's not the kind of attention you were seeking. 

And if you're going to make a video, don't make one that highlights flaws. There's a reason that so many models don't smile... because it's a big ol' mess when they do. 

Shame about the face doe


While I appreciate he has a huge, practically perfect ass, I cannot enjoy his parodies because there just seems to be something lacking in hos face when he's doing them. It's almost as if he feels he doesn't need to bother with the emotive lip-syncing due to being fabulously good-looking.

I prefer the Craigery Morgan school of parody lip-syncs.

Having said that, if he wants to continue dancing in next to nothing without the lip-syncing, I would be more than happy to encourage it!

I just ordered his book THE LIST 360... Gonna get that Ass Workout Immediately! Soooo hot!

I think Black people are spoiled with butts and penises because, while Bryan Hawn has a beautiful ass, it's not the biggest I've seen. But it is still nice. 

Sorry haters but I personally LOVE this lips!  The look so succulent and kissable! ;-) 

I bet he is a really awesome person to hang out with. Ive met a lot of different actors/performers off camera/stage over the years, and they are some of the moost wonderfully down to earth, intelligent people you could ever meet. Its funny, cuz if youre a respectable person yourself, you forget you're even in the same room with someone who you were undressing with your eyes minutes before.

please leave him alone, he was beautiful....

Can't please some people. Somebody's always too fat too thin too muscular too wiry, ass looks fake, abs look fake, he has fake fingers, his lip is weird, he's too hairy, he's too smooth shut the fuck up

Butt ugly what's wrong with his top lip? Does not look like a real man. Perfect for west Hollywood, waxed hairless mary's.

Yeah, your probably perfect for the eagle

fat, hairy, dirty, tired and used. Lol

Haters.... That ass is just perfect

A hot ass on a conceited guy=instantly unsexy.

Haha! Too bad Bryan is one of the sweetest guys ever

bitter troll on gay blogs= instantly annoying


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