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Bryan Singer's Accuser Admits He's Never Been To Hawaii, Where The Alleged Rape Occurred

BuzzFeed got quite the scoop today when it obtained a 2003 deposition made by Michael Egan, the man who is suing X-Men director Bryan Singer with allegations of rape, on Tuesday. In the decade-old deposition for previous rape allegations made by Egan, he says that he's never left the Continental United States. As you know, the Continental United states includes Hawaii, which is where Egan now claims Singer drugged and raped him in 1999. 

BuzzFeed reports:

Asked during the deposition whether he had taken any trips outside the continental United States, Egan replied, “Never had any trips outside the continental U.S., no.” Egan then responds to a question specifically clarifying that he had never traveled to Hawaii.

“I’m not sure how he interpreted the continental United States,” Egan’s lawyer, Jeff Herman, said of the portion of the deposition. “I’m not sure what he’s talking about specifically here.”

Herman said that Egan’s mother, Bonnie Mound, told him that she had authorized either Marc Collins-Rector or Chad Shackley — both plaintiffs in the previous lawsuit — to take Egan to Hawaii on at least two occasions. Mound clarified this because, during the deposition, Egan explained that he had never traveled outside the continental United States because his mother would not approve such trips.

Herman said he also confirmed the trips with Egan.

That deposition was given in Los Angeles County during settlement proceedings for an earlier round of lawsuits. Those suits were were not directed against Singer. Instead, Egan and four co-plaintiffs had sued internet entrepreneurs Collins-Rector,Brock Pierce, and Shackley, who often hosted parties in their Encino mansion that drew young men and Hollywood figures.

As you know, Hawaii plays a central role in and is crucial to the investigation. "Egan was able to file suit in Hawaii because of a law there that extended the statute of limitations for older cases such as Egan’s," BuzzFeed Staff writes. "The extended deadline was April 24, 2014. Egan’s complaint was filed on April 16, 2014."

Bryan Singer's attorneys have yet to respond to this development.



Is he schizophrenic, I wonder?

I never believed this to begin with.  There a lot of losers out there who have figured out that making abuse accusation decades after the alleged acts against very wealthy persons or organizations is an easy way to snag a lot of bucks.  This is why there used to be statutes of limitations on these things.  

Fuzzy facts do not necessarily hurt sexual abuse cases. Juries today are far more likely to believe victims, especially if the defendant us rich and powerful. Sympathy can often go farther than accuracy.


Umm Hawaii is on the Pacific Plate, the only state not on the North American Plate. Unfortunately, we Alaskans have to remind most lower 48 people.

So, silence from the trolls who were screaming about how guilty this guy was. 

continental united states excludes Hawaii and Alaska.  Which means he was never in Hawaii.

Continental refers to that which is part of the continent.  Hawaii is not.

And from those I know who have been, you kinda notice from all the water and the duration of the flight and what was that other thing?

Oh yeah, the cost of an intercontinental flight!!!

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Was this thing actually one big publicity stunt to elicit "controversy" intended to accompany Bryan Singer's new X-Men movie???

who the fuck cares, people.  bottom line (tehe) is if he's claiming he never went to Hawaii then where exactly was he raped??????????????????

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand back to the POINT at hand here, folks . . . If he had never been to Hawaii at the time of the alleged rape, kind of punches a HUGE F*CKING HOLE in his accusations, doesn't it?  

No, it is not part of the continent. Hawaii isn't part of any continent. You might be thinking of Alaska, as it is part of the North American Continent, but not part of the contiguous United States. Hawaii, on the other hand, is a small chain of islands thousands of miles out in the Pacific whose only geographic tie to the rest of the United States is that they're both on the same planet.

Hawaii is part of the United States, so it's part of the country, but continents are largely defined by geological boundaries and not political affiliation. Hawaii doesn't get included in North America simply because it is part of a political body that is mostly in North America. Not any more than French Guiana is considered part of Europe because it is politically affiliated with France.

"As you know, the Continental United states includes Hawaii..."

No it doesn't.  Hawaii is not on the continent, unless there's been a large geologic even I'm not aware of.

That sentence must have been dry sarcasm or a poorly truncated quote from the full article. It happens. Notice the similarity between that and the lawyer's statement about Hawaii being important in the investigation.

It might still count as continental, because it's a part of the Continent, but it's not contiguous (touching).

It is an oceanic archipelago.  It is definitely NOT on the continent.  Long Island and South Padre Island are continental because they are on the plate.  Hawaii is not.


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Fredo, you've already shown us that you don't know what any average 12-year-old knows about geography.  Are you trying to show us that you don't have the maturity of one either?

Get over yourself.


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