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Bryan Singer's Accuser Names Three More Gay Hollywood Heavyweights As Alleged Sex Abusers

The shit's hitting the fan in the Power Gay community of Hollywood. Michael Egan, the man who has filed suit claiming X-Men director Bryan Singer raped him when he was 17, has filed new lawsuits with similar allegations levied at three more of the industry's gay power players. 

Variety reports:

Hollywood executives Garth Ancier, David Neuman and Gary Goddard have been accused of sexually abusing teenage boys in lawsuits filed Monday in Hawaii federal court, sources confirm.

Ancier is the former president of BBC Worldwide America and headed the Fox entertainment group while Neuman is the former president of Disney TV.

Goddard heads a design firm in Los Angeles which has created theme park attractions for Universal Studios.

The filings were later announced at a news conference Monday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills by attorney Jeff Herman.

Bryan Singer's attorneys have charged that the accusations are outrageous as the blockbuster director wasn't even in Hawaii at the time Egan claims to have been sexually abused. The three new defendants have yet to respond to the allegations. 

What do you think as this story expands in scope, Instincters?


I say, "Let the justice/courts system, as designed, run its course before we pronounce guilt or innocence on anyone's part." 

Bryan Singer is absolutely guilty. He's notorious for this behavior. You can even see it in his work. He has a predilection for teenage boys. He's absolutely guilty. The problem here, is Egan may have given a certain amount of consent during these encounters. Which sucks because Singer can use that to get free.

There are 17-yr-olds who are just coming into their sexual roles because they came from sheltered family environments.   I was one.   I didn't have sex until I was 17, but I did know what I wanted.   I can see how a kid could become bedazzled by an older man and get into a situation where they might have to "put out."   Whether Mr. Egan was one of these more innocent kids is the question.

Leading someone who is innocent into sex, and rape are two different things.   Is using someone who thinks that you want a relationship, for sex, actually rape?   I don't think so.   Rape is a violent act.   Using someone is not very moral, or admirable at all....but it isn't rape.   It might have damaged Mr. Egan's trust in people, and hurt his pride, but it may not have been rape.


Well we can clearly see the degenerates have come out to support the degenerates.  I don't give one rats ass if he was age of consent...if they used their power to prey on a kid, then I say put them in prison so they can experience real love.

Ed, I agree with you about if they really did it or not, but to say people who are defending this guy are degenerates defending degenerates is ridicules, people need to know and understand what they are getting fired up about, is a one sided argument, there so far has not been anything from the Director or these other accused people telling us there side or what happened or didn't happen, we shouldn't judge before hearing all sides of he coin.  That is were people get into trouble with things. I'm waiting to hear there side of what happened or didn't happen, and then decide to boycott or not see his fims anymore. I already am deciding not to work with or give money to Woody Allen de to his sleeping with his adopted daughter. so don't lump people together man,

Okay, It's okay for a 17 year old to go over to Iraq and get shot at and defend his country, but when it comes to sex weather it be with a male or a female they are still children and are doer then durt so parents and society has to rescue them with laws that really contradict itself. I am not saying that rape is okay, or that being molested is not serious, But please guys who are in this forum, unless this director threatened his life with a knife or gun, or called his parents up and threatened them, he had a choice to walk away, and if he couldn't tell his parents then he should have told a friend or the directors manager of what was going on. But it bringing your friends who are your age to these party's shows that he didn't see what was happening was a threat to himself or his friends, and pulling the 17 year old card is a cop out as far as I'm concerned.  Atom, or Adam, it does not matter weather you are gay or straight, if you think your being taken advantage of when your about to tern into an adult remember once you turn 18 it really starts getting ruff for you and not better and we don't see you as a little child anymore. If it was rape then they should go to jail, but the evidence shows that this guy had many chances of not going back, of just dropping it and writing this director off, and he didn't he went back for more drugs and drinks, and that is what makes the people in this room who are saying these things think that this was not really a case of being raped or molested for many many years. So before you guys start calling names, and saying that they don't understand, look at what this Lawyer has brought to the media table, and then judge.  I tried to help a guy at a buss stop who was out of control and stranded at the buss stop, was high as a kite, drunk off his ass, and after I had gotten him come down, and given him some food to help him get the drugs out of his system, he later accused me of trying to fondle him, Which was not the case, I'm 4'8 and he was 6'2, and when i grabbed him to stop him from hitting me, he later told the cops that i did, and a person with no record, and not even a jay walking ticket, was not believed due to the kid being a teenager and what ever they say is law and forget what is the real truth. So I am coming at this from all sides of the coin guys, I have friends who were raped and abused in foster care, and by their uncles and aunts and such, so don't start saying things that are not true.

He is looking for money. He is a whore. 

Ahem, have you all missed this bit -

"Bryan Singer's attorneys have charged that the accusations are outrageous as the blockbuster director wasn't even in Hawaii at the time Egan claims to have been sexually abused."

And if THAT'S the case Egan isn't a victim of rape, he's a liar.

Male rape does exist, and the psychological damage that happens is immeasurable that said speaking as a male who has be raped and sexually abused and molested at a very young age I can definitely say that it does take a tole on you and yes I kept going back not because I wanted too but because my abuser was related to me and I could not get away, yes I could have told someone however the shame and embarrassment you feel prevents you from speaking up not to mention the fact that your faced with the fact that people won't believe you. However when I was thirteen and could make choices on where I wanted to go I avoided that person. I feel that this is not the case 

I hear what your saying and agree one hundred percent with you Islandprince32, I myself have been both accused and abused as  kid and those ligations were false, due to this country's no tolerance and we need to believe with out thinking jump in to action with out clearly thinking, does this make sense or even is the same tie lie for it to have happened? Mine was a live in sitter, and that was hard to avoid till he was fired. But a 17 year old has the choice to say i don't care if you can make me a star this is wrong or I'm not going to Hawaii if this is the kind of partying you like to do. The guy had choices, it didn't say he was eight when it started and it stopped at age 17, come on. really, is the press and the courts in Hollywood that stupidly will let this lawyer and this guy smear good people's names through the mud. I have friends who are name and star actors, who would never do these things, and if I find out this guy adds the to the list I will file some things on my own against this Lawyer.

I don't believe it.  This is purely one person's story, without an ounce of corroboration. If it did happen, you can bet he is the one who initiated it.  A 17-year old is NOT a child.

From what I've heard of his consistent use of the phrase "I was just meat to him/them" comes off like he expected some living relationship, when he was just the whore at the party. And don't forget that he is also working on a documentary with this woman about showcasing Hollywood and it's gay side. Mathis dude is a damned liar anyone can tell he enjoyed it... Nobody else is bitching but him. 

I think so far we've only heard one side of the story...but I honestly feel that there is absolutely NO room for sexual assault and abuse, especially from the men who inspire us and who some of us aspire to be! I'll be severely disappointed if these allegations are true. :/

I could believe it, if it had happened once, but if he could get away, and stay away why would he not? I am no expert, but it seems odd to me that he would wait 17 years, and sue on behalf of others. He isn't doing that bit for free. He's after money, and timing is everything. Why now? Why not before? If there is info we don't know, he needs to come clean with it. If he was raped, then the man should be jailed, but if he is just after a payday...

News reporting rarely gives a complete picture.  That is something for which those of us who care about children's safety, AND the misuse hate groups will make of these kinds of reports, are willing to wait for....nothing is going to change immediately for Singer as a result of making such claims except his gaining notoriety.  More often than not - this is my IMPRESSION - men such as Singer are seeking recompense for something that did not happen - at least, did not happen the way they purport!  We have to wait, dear brothers and sisters.

You can not rape the willing

That's is so stupid for you to say, being drugged is not willing

Instinct gives male rape the Jerry Springer Treatment....Male rape as a spectator should be ashamed Instinct....You've been handed a gol;den opportunity to raise awareness around sexual abuse, harassment and rape of men and you have failed miserably....At the least you could have done is provided information on male rape since so many of your readers seem to feel it doesn't exist.  And you could have provided links to support groups for those who were affected by this story and the crass and callous comments of those who believe every teen boy is itching for sex with them...  

too many things don't make sense in this story

Apparently everywhere Egan goes he just gets drugged and raped. And then he keeps going back. In one case, after he was allegedly, violently raped, he brought a friend with so he could get violently raped as well. 

This is smelling more and more like an anti-gay witchhunt with an attorney almost as greedy as his client. The contradictions in the cases are legion.

Case 1 forgets to mention all the other people now accused except Case 2 said they were there. Case 1 never mentioned Hawaii but Case 2 says these people continued to rape him in Hawaii. He would make long distance flights to go get raped. He said he was afraid because they threatened, yet he also says he was paid a salary. If they could get what they wanted by threats, why pay? 

The LGBT community should get concerned. This is a campaign to attack all gay men. And this greedy accuser isn't finished with his accusations. Just watch how the Religious Right latches onto this. 

The LGBT community should be concerned either way.  You can imagine all sorts plots and have all sorts of theories but until we know the truth doesn't a victim of gay rape deserve the benefit of the doubt ...Or does rape not matter if the victim is a man?

I'm not going to doubt this man's story about what happen to him until the whole story comes out.  But most people don't understand why in the world would somebody who was molested and raped continue to attend parties that was held by his attackers.  For one thing you probably have no idea what is like to be molested or raped as a child by an adult.  I myself is a survivor of being molested and raped during the summer of when I was only 4 years old.  I kept going back to my rapist for months until I ended up starting PreK.  The only reason why I kept going back is because I believed that this person was a friend. I didn't tell anyone about what was happening because I was told that no one would believe me if I did. That I'm the one who had been started it because I was the one who was asking for it. These sick people who prey on young children know what to say to earn the trust of their victims.  They also know how to threaten and torment these kids to keep from telling anyone about what is happening to them.  Many of these kids try to forget what has happen to them because of the shame and the fear. The shame that some how this was their fault. The shame that they might liked it because of their body reaction to the molestation. But a lot is the fear of not having anyone believe them if they told. The fear of being judged. The fear of their molester will act upon their threats to not only hurt them more but also the people they love.  So many of the victims turns to drugs and alcohol to help them not just to cope but to dull the pain and help them to forget what has happen to them.  I blocked out the memories after what happen to me but when I started to remember them I still kept my mouth shut because I felt ashamed like I was the one to blame.  That no one would believe me after all those years of not saying anything about when it did happen.  The only regret I have is not having the courage of speaking up and tell the authorities when the memories came flooding back.  Instead of casting doubt people should pray that the truth will prevail and the guilty will be punished for their crimes.

Hi I was molested from age 8-12, and the guy was caught,and I understand your frstration at how the world doesn't seem to understand, but I have gone through both sides of the coin, where I was the abused for years, and later on in life was accused of it myself, and its not so black and white as your saying it is. And a 17 year old who brings his friends to party's where there is drinking and drugs, and is trying to make a name for himself in Hollywood should not be taken seriously since that kind of behavior does not fit what we had gone through as victims. I still have problems with relationships due to that babysitter. But if it was kept to only this director it might have been closer to the truth, but to start naming names of people who Clearly were not around or working on projects at the time, this is just a smear suit, to get money and try and push famous gay directors and tv Mongols into the dark.  If you want to talk I'm here for you Jeff, I didn't tell my family what had happened until I was around twenty three. look me up on facebook.

All bullshit this guy is looking for attention or money!! I hate these types!! The accused are descent and well respected!! This guy needs money and can't get work!

Exactly the sort of reply a rapist would make.....

I have a friend who was raped a 18 because the accused over powered him. It's cant be easy for a male adult to admit he was raped.

if someone raped me and I saw they were about to make more money I'd expose them too. Seems to me he is protecting other teens. You should be ashamed of yourselves. 

Hard to believe most of you didn't read the article very well. He said that he was raped. He didn't say he was raped by the other three. The other three  accused of abusing other young boys. 

this lawyer wants fame too. why not fight this inn court instead of fighting it in the media. no good lawyer has a press conference to lay out facts before anything even happens

The new X-Men movie comes out very shortly. I find it suspicious these charges are coming now so near to the release. Why not file last year or when all of this supposedly took place? I always find it troubling when charges like these are brought so close to an election, a new project, or some other big event. There are always people willing to do or say anything to get into the spotlight. I hope none of this happened. But I just wish those that have been victimized would step forward sooner. 

Those who were raped have huge hurdles to overcome before they come forward, and then even after they come forward as the comments on this page prove.

I find out hard to believe he was "raped" at 17. If that were the case, I could claim being "raped" by a senior my freshman year of school of it weren't for the fact I knew damn well what I was going and there certainly wasn't any force going on.

No means no whether there is force or not.  Your dismissing that rape happens to 17 year old boys?  Is that because he's 17 or because he's male?  I get it ...rape only happens to women.

Once I could believe, but 4 times.  I hate to say he was asking it, but how many people get raped 4 times in the same year?

Loads do, and no one asks to be raped.  Read up on the subject and maybe you'll understand - if you're a rapist you understand already and are blaming the victim, just as all rapists do.

Good point Atom

The problem is he is 17 already hardly a child anymore. He claims that he had been rape once before, but still follow Singer to Hawaii to get rape again? I call shenanigans

at 17, it's hardly rape.


obviously both rapists up on rape before you comment.

He was 17.  He was not a victim.  17 is the age of consent in many states, and he would be accused of raped if he had had sex with a 16 year old girl or boy, yet I would argue that everyone in every scenario new exactly what they were doing.  I was a very naive 17 year old, but If I knew I had a place to go where people would get me off at that age, I would only go back if I wanted to.  If his ambition to stardom was worth getting 'raped', then again that was his choice.  this story is so pathetic, and if you believe he was a vicitim, in the same way a 13 year old girl is vicitim to a 40 year old horny old man, your an idiot.

The 21st century and another gay man doesn't believe rape exists.... especially men getting raped...  sad, very sad.

Oh who really cares, the guy wants his 15 minutes of fame!

I care, I don't want contribute my money to a movie that a rapist made

Everyone knows the casting couch exists. There is something very troubling about parties where young men are invited and encouraged be as scantilly dressed around a much older "poweful" crowd. The hosts of these "events" know what the outcomes will be and we musn't lose site of the statutory rape laws...even if the young man wants to be there. Just as in the straight world, there are lascivious, disgusting, people. If there is an iota of truth behind this story, I say..go for it! I don't care that he was 17... I was raped at 26.

It's hard to hear him explain that these men took advantage of him every time he went to one of their lavish parties... but kept going back for more... for years.  We're sure to hear that he has sold the book and movie rights soon!  Feel bad for everyone that gets dragged into it...

Sounds to me Egan is mad that he is not a star. It seems just like a money grab. I know If I was raped and abused you would not see me going back like he did.

Why is it our gut reaction to blame the victim?

Thank you Michelle for pointing that out

We don't know if there is a victim. Why is the first reaction of some people to believe the accuser?

because in any case of sexual abuse, harassment or rape the victims story is taken seriously until proven otherwise.

Have you seen hot hunky 17 year olds? There is no way the description of "child" be attributed to them. A man is at his sexual peek at 18, for god's sake!!  They make it sound like these guys abused a 3 year old. Anyone 17 years old knows what he likes sexually and if hot (and this guy looks like he was very hot back then) had a hell of a lot of fun while it lasted! 

That's often what the rapist says whether they're raping men or women.....It's no wonder hetero and gay rape is so common in your society judging by the attitudes expressed here.

I so agree with Tom - why keep coming back and keep getting rape - you think that after the first time, he would learn and not put himself in the same situation again. 

The Kid was 17 and probably telling everyone he was older at the time of the abuse took place.  I agree with Tom T as well. If you were getting abuse and rape at these Hollywood parties why did you keep going back?  Yes, I do see someone looking for his 10mins of fame.  But no child molester should be let go without  punishment.  So if Brian is guilty then throw him jail n lock his ass up.  I don't care how much $$ Mr Singer has, you don't have to right to force yourself on anyone and he better not by his way out of it either. 

This whole situation troubles me.  Why not go to the police?  If this is anything other than a money grab, go to the police and get them jailed.  Then sue for compensation.  It stinks.

Perhaps because male rape doesn't exist in law in most states.....?

I don't quite understand this.  He says he got raped/abused, yet for years he went back to these parties and kept getting raped and abused by various people?

Something is fishy with this story.

It's very common in abuse up on rape and abuse and find out why for yourself.

If they are proven guilty they must face the same consequence as a straight man. There is no difference. 

Unless you have ever been raped as a teen whose brain is still developing, who looks up to the molester even being fed the line you liked it kid,,thats why you keep coming easy to blame the victim.  I have been there, and even going back, I felt as if I had no choice....You can't imagine what control being raped does to a young teen. 

Thank you for sharing, so true

Sorry, I had sex when I was 17.  I knew what I was doing.  My "date" was 18, so technically it was rape.

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