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Budweiser Pro-Immigration Super Bowl Ad Is A Touchdown.

After dealing with the last 12 days in 'Merika, I think just about anything semi emotional is going to set me off and cause me to be a teary eyed mess. 

Enter the Super Bowl 51 commercials.  They'll be trickling in over the next few days and of course all will be seen this Sunday.  Some are quirky, others invoke the love we have of cute animals, others racy (go daddy indeed), and others are political. 

Budweiser's entry takes the political route.  In a time where different is not liked, foreign is shunned, outsiders are not welcome, Budweiser delivers a message that will make any real American realize the ignorance that is in the driver's seat of this nation. 

Have a look at Budweiser 2017 Super Bowl Commercial | “Born The Hard Way”



Kind of makes you think that a loan from daddy definitely doesn't make someone great.

Thanks Budweiser for your continued support of the LGBT community as well as the support of real Americans.



For those wondering who the actor playing Adolphus Busch is, his name is Sam Schweikert :

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