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A Buff Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless On New Rolling Stone Cover

After a few months of receiving press for all the wrong reasons, Justin Bieber is now the subject of international headlines for showing off a more grown-up and beefy look while shirtless on the cover of the March issue of Rolling Stone

The magazine teases the story:

There's a fine line between having more fun than any teenager alive and completely melting down. Justin Bieber seems determined to find it — and Rolling Stone goes inside the egg-throwing, hard-partying, drag-racing, arrest-resisting, brothel-patronizing, lightning-quick fall of a pop icon in our new issue (on stands Friday). Contributing editor Claire Hoffman gets the dirt on the 19-year-old's most recent troubles, uncovering events that would make the singer's core Beliebers lose their faith. 

The new issue of RS hits stands Friday.



I read the comments. Can I have my 5 minutes back? 

A pathetic little twat, but I guess they need to sell lots of magazines.

I don't care how bloody hot he is, he is a class A jerk!

Who cares

Let's be honest teenage straight girls and gay boys are going to drool over this cover. It reminds me of the feeling I had in high school when Justin Timberlake was on the cover shirtless to transition from teenie-bop Nsync memeber  to solo artist.


Does anyone else notice how photoshopped this picture is.....

Bieber is as gay as gay ca be. I have a haunch, he is going to come out of the closet pretty soon. He already said he wants to retire from singing. Well, I am guessing, he finally wants to be himself and not some "chick loving stud" who sings about "loving girls." 
As to his grabbing his crotch way too often? Well, he is still maintaining this "macho man" image which totally does not fit him at all. I see him rather very passive bottom boy. 


Rumor is Usher is his top man.

I hear the biebs has a 10 inch dick... but it's in his ass and belongs to Usher.

He probably grabs his crotch so often to assure himself it's still there. He's such a wash up.

He is Hot 

He looks high.

Exactly. I'm a nurse. I've seen that look before... on people who just got morphine and ativan. Nothing sexy at all about his stoned ass.

I agree with you looks like a TWEEKER! He needs to go back to Canada! So over that IDIOT!!

He's hot

Beefy?  He's as thin as a rail, no beef whatsoever.  Does he even weigh 100 lbs?

Why is he holding his junk? Is he afraid of the Weiner thief??

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