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A Buffed Up Nick Jonas Becomes James Corden's Intern.

On both sides here, there is a ton of cuteness involved.  Super adorable late-night host James Corden brought out quite the studly intern the other night who turned out to be the one and only Nick Jonas.

James wonders why his coffee cup is empty and blames the interns for that, only to have Nick come out with a bottle of water and thunderous applause.  He then requests a pastry to which Nick gives him a dirty one (I would eat it, no joke).

Nick then suggests that James is a little tense, and asks him if he wants to do "the thing".  This results in a shoulder massage to which James absolutely loves.  So would I.

One noticeable thing= Nick is even more buff now than he ever was.  Seriously, those guns were bursting through that shirt.  Nick, keep doing what you're doing.  And if you are ever looking to just randomly offer a shoulder massage or a crusty pastry to someone, hit me up. 

Check out the video here:




The more muscular Nick Jonas gets, the better!  Muscle boys are HOT!  If he continued looking like a twink, I wouldn't bother looking at this article.

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