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"Bye Felicia" Gets A Music Video!

Gay boys have been asked "who's Felicia" countless times over the past few years. Joe Gauthreaux's "Bye Felicia" finally lends a helping hand after rising to No. 5 on Billboard Magazine's dance chart this week and getting a NYC-filled music video on Wednesday.

Next summer, we fully expect to be dancing to "Not Today, Satan."


Bye Video, it is horrid! Its like a Dollar Tree Special.

As much as I despise DJ Joe G. (personally and professionally) and as much as I love Mitch Amtrack, this has to be one of the most hideous projects I've ever experienced.  It's negative.  It's ratchet.  It's lost it's Billboard momentum, because, I'm told, the money ran out, but that's a whole different story...  I really hope true talent will be recognized in our music industry and not this form of "non-flattering" reflections of our community.  Support those with true talent by buying their music.  Reject those who are trying to make a quick name for their failed talent.

Some of the comments here sum up exactly what's wrong with the gay community today: no fun,  bitter and overly cynical. It's not that serious girls, it's only a music video. Take the pole out of your arses and lighten up.

"Gretchen, stop trying to make By Felicia happen !"

The guy carries the video. The rest of it is just nauseating and idiotic. 

Gross. Totally ridiculous -_- can I have my time back?!

This was fun to watch. :)

This is horrid. Total rip off of "Miss Honey" 

Instinct staff: "Let's just post any video with a hot guy in it."

See the Miss Hunny video above, as to referenced....

I was totally thinking the same thing.....same idea. Didn't work.

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