Bystander's Joyful Reaction To Lesbian Marriage Proposal Goes Viral

So sweet! A lesbian couple's marriage proposal was caught on camera, but it's the reaction of a bystander that's causing the moment to go viral!

Jessica Rodriguez and her fiancée, Chelsea Miller got engaged at the Art Institute of Chicago last weekend. Her brother Carlos Jair Rodriguez posted the image on Twitter:

Love the joyful reaction of the woman in the background!

After the image went viral, Jessica told BuzzFeed:

“I loved her reaction! Whoever she is, we are so thankful of her pure reaction. She made our moment even more special!” she said.

Her brother Carlos tells BuzzFeed:

“I am just so happy that a positive LGBT photo went viral. It’s not every day something like this has such [a] positive reaction to the general public.”

He went on to say: “The sweet woman had such a beautiful reaction. It’s absolutely amazing to see such love coming from a bystander.”

Carlos said that Jessica isn’t just his sister but also his best friend: “I’m just glad she’s engaged to the love of her life and I couldn’t be happier for her.”

Congratulations, Jessica and Chelsea!!