Caitlyn Jenner Outraged Over Trump Administration's Many Anti-Trans Actions

Caitlyn Jenner took to Twitter to vent her frustration over the Trump administration's recent anti-trans actions.

You probably recall that during election season, Jenner said she'd vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Regardless, she'd later go on to claim she 'never outwardly supported' the then Republican candidate.

During an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight, she said:

“I never actually came out and outwardly supported Trump. The media did that for me."

She explained:

"I am on the Republican, conservative side, and he wound up being our candidate. And so, certainly, I was going to vote for him. He looked like he would pretty good on all LGBT issues. Which is important, because my loyalties do not lie with Donald Trump."

Then over the summer, Jenner took to social media to call out the president for failing to live up to his promise to fight for the Transgender community.

But then in August, Jenner confused everyone by stepping out in public wearing a signature red Trump "MAGA" hat.

She'd later go on to apologize for that:

"I apologize to all of the trans community. I made a mistake. I will never do it again and I'm getting rid of the hat."

A dose of reality was served up to Jenner when, to the satisfaction of many, trans activist Ashlee Marie Preston publicly called out the former athlete following a Trans Chorus event in Los Angeles.

Said Preston: 

“It’s really fucked up that you continue to support somebody...that does everything with the military, that’s erasing our fucking community. And you support it."

By the aforementioned, you can see that Jenner has flip-flopped many times. One minute she's supporting Trump. The next minute she claims to see through his empty promises.

If she does end up running for public office, it will be interesting to see where Jenner will claim her allegiances lie. 

H/T: Gay Star News



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