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California Allows Same-Sex Weddings For Gay Prisoners

Forget gay summer weddings, we're getting ready for the prison ceremonies! What do we wear?!

The Associated Press is reporting that gay inmates will now be allowed to marry partners of the same sex.

AP writes:

California prison officials have confirmed that inmates can get married to someone of the same sex under certain conditions.

Michael Stainer, director of the adult institutions division for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, issued a memo on Friday stating that the U.S. Supreme Court decision that made same-sex marriages legal again in the state in June also applies to prisoners.

But Stainer says gay or bisexual inmates will only be allowed to marry same-sex partners who are not incarcerated and only during prison ceremonies. He says marriages between two prisoners would raise too many security concerns.


We've gotta admit, we're a little sad that inmates can't marry their fellow inmates. They have, after all, found love in a hopeless place. 

Still, we're glad gay prisoners won't be denied the privilege of marriage--even if it's a prison ceremony. 

Just don't hide any shanks in the wedding cake!


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shouldnt be able to get married, your in jail to be punished, not rewarded

I'm happy for them, but yeah, my initial thought was "if your spouse is in prison with you, doesn't that open you up to abuse from other inmates wanting to threaten your loved one to manipulate you?" So I rather agree with the safety concerns in this case. More importantly, good on the California corrections system for acting to extend equality in what to me is a logical step.

let me guess mike.  you're upset because IBM just gave you a pink slip, and all the positions at  "Rocket Science" school are filled up.

Someone please muzzle idiots like Mike Ryan!

I dont think it would raise any concern for security inside the prisons if inmates could marry inmates! They're the last you would have to! I think its all a great thing tho. Im happily engaged to a Army Ssgt..


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