California City Ousts Mayor For Supporting LGBT Rights

The City Council of Porterville, California has sent a very clear message to its LGBT residents after it ousted Mayor Virginia Gurrola for supporting the local gay community. Ever since Mayor Gurrola introduced a Pride Month Proclamation in June, the vocal and bigoted segments of Porterville, including those on the City Council, have been out for blood. Finally, this week, the City Council got just that when it voted to remove Gurrola and Vice Mayor Pete McCracken from office. 

ABC 30 has more:

Gurrula says she wasn't surprised with outcome, given her recent support of gay rights issues.
Supporters of Gurrola say there was no reason to remove her from her post as mayor. But they say her position to support a proclamation designating the month of June as LGBT pride month, is the reason behind the shakeup.

But the new Mayor Cameron Hamilton says that wasn't the case to switch leadership.

According to the city's charter, the mayor and vice mayor are allowed to serve a two-year term. But either may be removed before their term is up by a council's majority vote.