Calling Gays "Perverts" Is Now Hate Speech In Turkey

I've just returned from Turkey, and was happy to find a vibrant LGBT community in Istanbul proper. Outside the city center, however, resembles more of the surrounding Middle Eastern attitude toward gays than the European-approach within its major city. Todays ruling from Turkey's Constitutional Court is a step toward changing the imbalance. 

LGBTI New Turkey reports:

For the first time, hate speech on the ground of sexual orientation is among decisions of the Constitutional Court. The Court acknowledged that calling gays “perverts” is hate speech. 

Attorney Sinem Hun’s application to the Constitutional Court of Turkey about a news article that appeared on the website, which involved hate speech referring both to her and to the Kaos GL Association, has come to a conclusion.

The Constitutional Court declared that the article stating, “Sinem Hun who is registered to the Ankara Bar Association and is the lawyer of the association of the perverts called Kaos GL” on is indeed hate speech on the ground of sexual orientation but ruled that it actually takes aim at the association and not to the applicant. Hereby, this is the first time hate speech on the ground of sexual orientation has been acknowledged by the Supreme Court.




Awesome to hear! Big step with many more to go. Congrats on gaining more equality to our LGBT family in Turkey.

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