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Cancelled: Plug Pulled On Duck Dynasty Live Show After Poor Ticket Sales


In 2014, being anti-gay don't pay. The former Duck Dynasty empire continues its descent into has-been status this week, a descent that began late last year when patriarch Phil Robertson came out of the glass closet as a loud, proud homophobic bigot. His unbridled hate lead to an evaporating TV viewership, and now, the cancellation of a "Duck Dynasty: Live" show (whatever that means) due to poor ticket sales. 

The News-Leader of Springfield, Missouri reports:

Low ticket sales has prompted the cancellation of the Duck Dynasty show members who were set to appear April 26 at JQH Arena.

Keith Boaz, JQH Arena director, confirmed the show's production company, JTK Productions, canceled the appearance of the Robertson family — Willie, Korie, Miss Kay and Uncle Si — because of poor ticket sales.

"We would like to thank the community of Springfield for their warm embrace and look forward to bringing exciting acts to the Springfield area," said JTK Production's managing partners in a news release about the cancellation.




Well, Bless their hearts.

They look like the smell! Gross.

Springfield's embrace must not have been that warm. Or maybe they just decided that hugs were free, and tickets cost too much.

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