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Cardi B Defends Fiancee’s Homophobic Comments!

Carbi B Defends Fiancee’s Homophobic Comments!

Could This Be The Realest Apology Yet?

Okay, let’s break this down a little deeper than just simply blowing an opinion into the wind as most do on social media. By now, you must be familiar with the darling Trap Queen, Cardi B. Cardi topped the charts with her hit Bodak Yellow and has since seemed unstoppable with media attention, a zany personality, and lyrics that make everyone feel good and laugh! She’s credited for her glow up. Glow up, you know, when someone goes from rock bottom to the top. In Cardi’s case, she’s garnered a ton of fans from once being a stripper turned reality television star turned superstar. She’s GREAT and honestly, inspiring. For real, I believe that her story is the type of turnaround we will continue to see. She’s like the more mature version of Danielle Bregoli AKA The Cash Me Outside Girl – who still is going to continue rocking the media, trust me – but I digress…

Anyway, Cardi is coming under fire for standing next to her Rapper fiancée, Offset. (These names, jeez!) Offset recently was blasted by various blogs and social media for his use of the term “Queer” in one of his songs. Originally, I was planning on gossiping about Offset, but to be honest, the lyric seemed a little harmless and people were creating it to be a bigger deal than it really is. Offset claims he wasn’t using the term as a blow towards the LGBTQ community, he simply stated that the accurate definition of queer is weird. He’s…not wrong.

Cardi is making sure that her fans, many of whom are members of the LGBTQ community, can try to understand where Offset was coming from. Clearly she’s doing damage control for PR reasons; but I genuinely believe her statement. Check it out:

In a Periscope video, Cardi discusses how society needs to be educated more on derogatory terms, especially in the LGBTQ community. She openly admits that she was once called Transphobic for using the word “tranny” in a tweet from years ago, although she is openly – and never has been – transphobic. She wishes that people would stop labeling, judging, and bashing others for titles that they are not. She tells that Offset is not homophobic, as she sees him around the LGBTQ community constantly and he didn’t know the word was offensive. Exampling her use of the term “tranny” in Offset’s current situation. She even stops herself from saying she has “gay friends” in the video at one point in the video – probably knowing that she would face a backlash from that statement. Smooth, good move, Cardi! But, she then goes into it after she gets a little heated talking about Offset and her LGBTQ fans. She is begging the LGBTQ community to educate instead of throwing others under the bus. She knows that Offset and herself weren’t going around say “*curse word* [the gays]”, so she is a pretty confused at the backlash.

I have to say, I agree with her a thousand percent! Yes, it’s so easy to speak whatever we want to say through our thumbs, but sometimes, we could be pushing an ally – especially someone like Cardi – away from our community and providing us with Entertainment. Can we start educating others instead of immediately pushing them into a corner and scolding them? I believe this would not only be helpful for the entire community, but also the ones who are there for us. These Entertainers aren’t walking around protesting our rights – why don’t we choose our battles wisely.

Are you on Cardi’s side or do you think Offset and Cardi are transphobic and homophobic?

Check out the full video of Cardi's plea on the homophobic term below: