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Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Pope Was 'On A High' When Speaking About Gays

Cardinal Timothy Dolan, arguably the most powerful Catholic in the United States, downplayed Pope Francis's remarks earlier this week that appeared to display a change of heart (if not a change of policy or doctrine) regarding homosexuals. The Pope notably said with regards to gay people, "Who am I to judge?"

Well Cardinal Dolan doesn't want you to get too crazy about the statement. 

In a blog post, Dolan writes:

For one, the Pope was visibly “on a high” from his first international pastoral visit in Rio.  Understandably so.


So, his brief remarks on homosexuality were about mercy:  everyone has a welcome home in the Church; the Church considers unjust discrimination against any homosexual a sin;  and homosexual acts, which are contrary to Revelation — as are heterosexual acts outside of lifelong, life-giving, faithful marriage between one man and one woman — can always be healed by God’s mercy.  And when God’s mercy is sought, it is always given, the sin wiped away and forgotten; because of this, nobody — not the Pope, not a bishop, not a priest — can judge another!  Actions?  Yes; the heart? No.  No change in Church teaching here . . . or no intended “correction” to a more “dour” approach by his predecessors.  After all, it was under  Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger  that the Catechism was composed, which reminded us that people with same sex attraction  were as much God’s children, deserving dignity and respect, as anybody else.


But, as usual, the press predictably brought these weary issues up, and have given them more ink than any of the other noble themes that rang through Copacabana Beach.  It’s not the Church that is obsessed with those topics, but the media!

And haunting all of the coverage is the hint that we now finally have a Pope who will change the Church’s ageless teaching.  Of course, Catholics know that the Pope, like all of us, is a servant of the truth of the Gospel, not a crafter.  Doctrine is a given; it is settled, inherited, faithfully passed on.  That’s his duty, and he’s sure doing it well.


Yes, it's the media!! How dare the media bring up the Catholic Church's discrimination against an entire population of people?!

Do you get it, gays? Calm down. The Pope didn't mean it like that. 


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Im curious when Cardinal Timothy Dolan will come out of that big closet he's locked himself into. Have you ever seen this guy in action!? He salivates when hot young men are in his presence!

Whatever...Consensual relatIons are between the two persons.  i believe that there are more importaNt things that God  Is worrIed about.  

Of course The very Reverend Timothy Dolan knows exactly what the Pope meant because not only can he read minds but also because he is so special - so special that he facilitated and orchestrated to keep the Catholic money from being use to pay the victims of sexual abuse. He is such a hypocrite and God will judge him!



This is exactly why I do not get excited about anything coming from the Church regard love and tolerance.  The Catholic Church is bullshit. 


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