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Carmen Carrera Denounces CrossFit's Ban On Trans Woman Competing Against Women

Transgender former RuPaul's Drag Race star Carmen Carrera is speaking out in defense of Chloie Jonsson's right to compete against other women in the CrossFit Games.

Jonnson, a transgender female, was banned from competing against other women. Jonnson is now suing CrossFit for $2.5 million.

Carrera says, according to TMZ:

"When you remove your testicles ... that is it. You are no longer a male and you don’t produce testosterone," Carrera says. 

"You get weaker ... your whole body switches and it starts to reshape."

Carrera adds, "Put [Chloie] under the test and I bet her [testosterone] levels are the same as the rest of the competitors. Run some tests to make it fair."

As we reported, CrossFit says it will not take testosterone levels into consideration ... insisting it's the "genetic makeup" of a person who was born a male that "confers a physical and physiological advantage over women."

To that, Carmen says ... the person who put that statement together is "probably some loser sitting on some huge set of nuts with testosterone who doesn't know what he is talking about."

Do you agree with Carmen's argument, Instincters?


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I agree with Carmen. Chloie is a woman and should be treated that way. All of us in the transgender community deserve fairness across the board! You go girl!!!

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