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'Catching Fire' Stud On How His Underwear Modeling Past Prepped Him For The Shoot

It looks like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire star Alan Ritchson had the fewest concerns about the sequel's form-fitting (and unforgiving) wet suit costumes. 

His previous work as an International Jock underwear model had him prepped.

He tells E! News:

"For me, I'd walk out in a thong thinking, 'I'm in costume,'" Ritchson—who, for the record, still looks like he could sell the pants off of a pair of boxer-briefs—joked to E! News at the film's Los Angeles premiere about what it would've been like if that had been required.

"It's like, 'Hey, I'm ready for the death scene,' and they'd be like, 'Uh, we can see part of your crotch.'"

Pics or it didn't happen, Alan!

Still, even the former underwear model had some misgivings about suiting up as District 1's "Gloss" after partaking in the irresistible southern cuisine in Georgia where some of the film was shot. 

He continues: 

"It was awful," the 28-year-old said. "You know what it's like going home and wanting to eat some good soul food in Atlanta and having to squeeze my greasy, fried-chicken self into that thing every morning? It was terrible. It was a pretty nuts costume.

"Everybody's in it though so you don't feel too bad. But everybody was like, 'Do I look fat in this?'"


"We walked out there in boxer-briefs," Ritchson told us, "but they were like, 'You can see everything underneath that. You need to put on this thong, dance-belt kind of thing.'" 

We'll be closely monitoring Ritchson for any signs of discomfort when The Hunger Games: Catching Fire comes out this weekend!

Will you be checking it out, Instincters? ("It" being the movie, guys.)

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Sale me NOW!!!!

Wasn't  also Aquaman on Smallville?

Been a fan of Mr. Ritchson's for years and years,, also check him out in Blue Mountain State.

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