Caterpillar Inc. Dumps Boy Scouts Over Gay Adult Ban

Despite some progress being made in how the Boy Scouts of America handle their LGBT members, Caterpillar Inc. says that allowing gay minors but banning gay adults is not enough of an evolution and has cut ties with the BSA. 

According to a spokesperson, as it reviewed its annual $25,000 grant donation to the BSA, Caterpillar Inc. arrived at its decision to dump the organization over the remaining anti-gay policy.

“While we applaud the decision by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) that youth may no longer be denied membership on the basis of sexual orientation or preference, the fact remains that the BSA continues a policy that does not allow adult leaders who are open or avowed homosexuals.

“Because this policy does not align with Caterpillar’s enterprise policies on discrimination against sexual minorities, the Caterpillar Foundation does not invest in the BSA.”

Other groups, such as a handful of churches across the country, have cut ties with the Boy Scouts because they've allowed gay troops to serve openly in their ranks, on the other hand. 

So somehow, the BSA has managed to anger both sides of their supporters with the reluctance to fully end its discriminatory practices; if the organization had the courage to go full throttle into the right side of history and allow all LGBT into its ranks, it could still count the inclusive groups that fund it as supporters. 

(Via PinkNews)