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Catholic Archbishop: Gay Men Can Totally Get Married...To Lesbians

Good news!!!! A Catholic Archbishop says gay people can totally marry each other!!

Well... gay men can marry lesbians. 

The Phillipine Daily Enquirer reports:

Two homosexual men cannot marry but a gay man and a lesbian can tie the knot, according to the head of the Catholic Church’s matrimonial court.

Archbishop Oscar Cruz, judicial vicar of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines-National Appellate Matrimonial Tribunal, all but ruled out any chance of the Catholic Church agreeing to same-sex unions in the Philippines but said a lesbian and gay man might be allowed to marry.

“May a lesbian marry a gay man? My answer is ‘yes’ because in that instance the capacity to consummate the union is there. The anatomy is there. The possibility of conception is there,” Cruz told a church forum on Tuesday.

“I ask this question to myself and I have thought about it for a long time and the answer is ‘yes’,” he said.

Cruz was explaining the Church’s opposition to gay marriage or same-sex civil unions.


See!! So a lesbian and a gay guy--neither of whom are sexually attracted to each other or have any interest in the other's genitalia can get married because--in theory--they could make babies. 

Happiness abounds. 


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The Catholic Church is irrelevant and has lost all moral authority.

That's not all that the Catholic Church has lost.  They no longer have any credibility.

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