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Catholic League Homophobe Bill Donahue Reveals His Collection Of Pictures Of Naked Men

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If you thought Catholic League blowhard Bill Donahue couldn't embarrass himself any further in 2014 after demanding to march in the NYC Gay Pride Parade (to "prove" that the LGBT community is as xenophobic as homophobes) and then declining to participate when invited, you're in for a treat. 

In his latest attempt to spin the Catholic League's PR nightmare into something revelatory, Donahue haphazardly reveals his collection of pictures of naked guys. He writes in his latest spiel:

One more thing. One of the gay parade rules reads: "Nudity. The law prohibits nudity below the waist. Police will be present at The March and it is assumed that they will enforce the law." 

Perhaps gay officials can explain why this is the only parade in New York City that feels compelled to issue such a rule. I know why — I have the pictures from the 1994 march — but that is for another time.

"Another time," like when your Amazon Prime order of Gun Oil arrives later today, Bill?


I can't believe that Dolan would continue to allow this joker to be the spokesman for his church.

He has just that one year? Was 94 a particularly sexy year? 

Me too!

Bill Pedophile Protector Donohue who prays to half naked idol of "Jesus" says what now?

^^^ if i could press "like" for this comment I would press it soooooo hard! 

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