IN Catholic Priest Calls Red HRC Equality Symbol "Mark Of The Beast"

Father John Hollowell of Brazil, Indiana has deemed the red equality symbol seen on social network profiles around the world as "the mark of the beast," and an attempt to support his persecution, torture and imprisonment. 

He's got that a bit backward, doesn't he? 

Writes the Catholic priest in a blog titled "Mark of the Beast" that has received a frightening amount of supportive comments: 

I just want you to know that if this is your sign then you are actively supporting my persecution, torture, imprisonment, etc. 

Interesting that the "=" sign today turned red and went viral because the symbol for the movement was blue with a yellow = before today.  It's as if the "redefining marriage" movement is now out for blood, and I believe they will soon begin seeking to slake their thirst.

(You can read the rest of Hollowell's tired and extremely-bigoted slippery slope piece against the HRC symbol here.)

You need to look no further than recent news reports to see who's really out for blood, Mr. Hollowell; anti-LGBT violence is on the rise yet again, and we have bigoted religious "leaders' like yourself to thank for fueling the flames of homophobic hostility. The true "mark of the beast" is the blood that's on your hands for so rigorously ignoring the tenets of Christian faith to speak not from a place of spirituality but from a place of hatred and hostility. 




The "mark of the beast" is three lines, idiot.

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