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Catholic School Principal Apologizes For Using Lesbian Ellen DeGeneres On School Dance Invite

A Catholic elementary school teacher is apologizing for using a photo of openly gay Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres on the invitation for a red carpet themed "Hollywood Nights" eighth grade graduation dance.

Because, you know, Ellen's gay and therefore awful. 

According to, Principal Nancy Matteo explains to parents: 

It was "completely wrong" to use DeGeneres' picture because the lesbian celebrity "lives her life outside the teachings of the Catholic Church," St. Andrew Elementary School principal Nancy Matteo wrote in an email to parents on Tuesday. The text of the message was provided to

In the email, Matteo says she was "obviously NOT thinking" when she let the invitation to the June 8 dance be distributed with DeGeneres’ photo.

"Perhaps I was distracted by the Oscar," she wrote, calling the entertainer a "poor role model."

"A role model, as defined by Webster's Dictionary, is a person who is unusually effective or inspiring in some social role, job, position, etc.," the email says. "This does not describe her at all. We work so hard to be good role models and then I go and do something stupid!"


"I need every single invitation returned and I will personally destroy them," wrote Matteo.

Yes, because Ellen DeGeneres is the first person we think of when we think of a "poor role model."

And does Matteo really need all those invitations to be returned? We think she may have a crush. Those invitations will come in really handy for the Ellen shrine in her boudoir. It's okay, Nancy--we get it, Ellen's a catch. 


It's amazing that anywhere else you see Ellen Degeneres  mentioned, it's because of her stance in believing that EVERYONE is EQUAL and that Being a BULLY is not Cool !!  The fact that Ellen has her own Show and is open about her life for the most part is such a small part of what she has done with her life and for this "SCHOOL" to focus on a certain part of her life that she has made public and decide that she is an inappropriate Role Model, Yet she continues to show that she has the pulse on most of Young America, is RIDICULOUS !!   Get a Clue !! 

The words Catholic and School don't go together. One is for brainwashing, the other for education!

This is just another case where doing something incredibly stupid is justified by Catholic "teachings.  When will the world wake up.

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