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Cause Of Death Found In Mysterious Death Of Gay Yale Professor


A medical examiner is citing a drug overdose as the cause of the mysterious death of openly gay Yale University professor who was found dead, alone in his cell while in police custody. 

Professor Samuel See was being held following a physical altercation at his home with his estranged husband Sunder Ganglani.

The Courant reports:

See died of acute methamphetamine and amphetamine intoxication with recent myocardial infarction. His death was ruled an accident. See was found unresponsive in a detention cell at 6 a.m. on Nov. 24. Court marshals performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation until medics arrived. See, who was alone in his cell, was pronounced dead at 6:15 a.m. See, an assistant professor of English and American studies, was on leave this semester. New Haven police are investigating the circumstances of See's death. New Haven police responded to a domestic dispute at See's home the evening of Nov. 23. Sunder Ganglani, 32, who identified himself as See's husband, was at the home in violation of a protective order, police said.


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Drug users and abusers often have fatal results due to their life style and drug use. Sexuality has nothing to do with it. Not even their financial status, sexuality or gender has anything to do with it. We all know what happened to Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and countless Hollywood celebrities, homeless & regular middle class people dies everyday due to drug use. Meth is the strongest and most addicting drug available...stronger that cocaine, heroine or any narcotic drugs. It's a shame that some people glamorize drug junky. The results of such drug use is almost always ends in tragedy.

It is always a tragedy when a work of art is lost , particularly to those closest ,Presumably while dead one has a long time to reflect on one's life .  May he be granted spiritual peace .

I actually don't think he is attractive at all.   I agree with earlier comments regarding the story being covered because he was gay. We get a voice on websites like this one 

Excuse me, but Instinct Magazine is for gay men; why are you straight people here? Go watch Fox News and troll Twitter, why don't you?

There's gay and straight in either end of the continuum and everything else in between - some people's sexuality is fluid - Instinct is relevant across the board, not just GLBT - even hardcore religious fanatics could benefit from some of the enlightment brought forth by Instinct Magazine

1. Prisoners are thoroughly searched before being placed in jail cells

2. Given point #1, where did he get the drugs to cause his M.I.?

3. Given that jails are monitored, how is it that such a huge gap in time occurred before his body was discovered - DEAD?!!

4. After points 1 - 3, how is this an "accident"?!

5. His sexual orientation has nothing to do with his death.  NOT ONE THING.

EXACTLY! Thank you.

His looks have nothing to do with it, his sexuality was brought up only because the cause of death was mysterious and he was in the custody of the authorities at the time of his passing.

His looks have nothing to do with it, his sexuality was brought up only because the cause of death was mysterious and he was in the custody of the authorities at the time of his passing.

Id venture to say that the reason for the relevancy of this story on this site is:
A) he died of a meth-related overdose. As i am sure you are aware Meth is rampant in the gay male community and raising awareness about its detrimental effects, no matter how depressing and unfortunate the circumstances, should be a topic all gay media outlets cover. I know an addict will stop when they are ready to stop but seeing this article and others like it might be the jolt that someone needs to come back to reality.
B) this a gay news site and all news about gays wether good or bad should be reported. If we dont give ourselves a voice nobody else will. I understand that his sexuality had little to do with his death but gay news shouldnt be limited to equal rights, who's hot, speculation of some public figure's sexuality or where the hot spots to visit are. Im just saying

I'd hope his "husband" whom was in violation of a protective order was arrested for violating said order!

Okay. Very sad the man died....but why does it matter that he was openly gay? He DIED...he didn't die a gay death...he died. It was tragic and hopefully the cops didn't have anything to do with it. His sexuality or lifestyle should not matter unless it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was the reason for his death. No one should be more or less affected by his passing because he was or wasn't gay... every life has meaning and the fact that his has been lost should be the only factor.

It is relevant that he was gay because this is a gay magazine's website. It is also relevant because of the circumstances involving his husband. If you don't want to read stories where sexuality is an element, you probably shouldn't be visiting gay news sites

As sad as this story is, I think the main reason it's newsworthy is due to the guy being very good looking.  Gay or not, if he wasn't attractive, I doubt the story would be picked up.

I hate to say it but I think EricPJ is right - it is more 'sensational' because it involves a good-looking man

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