Celebrity Big Brother Contestant Can't Hide His VPL In Skintight Spandex Onsie

For an unusual game, Celebrity Big Brother contestants were asked to wear costumes hand-picked by Big Brother, himself.

“Housemates are reminded that they should only be wearing costume items provided by Big Brother. Any other items should be left in the house.” 

So when Chad (The Bachelorette) discovered that he'd been given a skintight green bodysuit, he found himself presented with a bit of a dliema...

Tuck, or let everyone see his VPL?


The Mirror has more:

Half the housemates dressed up as tacos and had to get filled with fish guts, buckets of cheese and tomatoes.

But a furious Chad didn't want to play games and moaned about his costume, before giving Big Brother an ultimatum.

He shouted: "I want $500,000 cash in a bag. You want full D you’ve got to pay the C.

"What’s it better to do, tuck it, so it looks like I have no d***. Or do I just show full d***. You know what I mean there’s only two choices, full d*** or no d***.

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All this fuss over that little thing?  Good grief. I'M bigger than him.  I'm not about to show it off on national television

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