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This Celebrity Waxwork is... Choice

The Niagara Falls Wax Museum unveiled their latest celebrity waxwork yesterday, and its leaving tourists scratching their head as to who it could possibly be.

Lets take a look at some suggestions shall we?

Could it be Australian Queen of Pop Kylie Minogue?

Perhaps its popular TV host Wendy Williams?

Or even a slightly blonde Teri Hatcher...

I'm afraid its not, friends. Although they were some great suggestions (by me), it actually turns out that the waxwork is in fact the iconic Beyoncé.


This Beyoncé.

I'm honestly not too sure if the people who designed and created this waxwork had even heard of Beyonce, let alone saw an image even resembling the star. Nevertheless, Twitter has been ablaze with amazement. Buzz buzz, the Beyhive is coming.

 As Tatianna would say, choices.

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Everyone knows that this is none other than a former Rockette and potential (never fruition) NEW OPRAH. Kris Jenner also took notes on her approach and maybe tweaked the formula to build the Kardashian empire while this one was just tweaked. 


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