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Champion Diver Ian Matos Comes Out As Gay

Make some room Tom Daley and Matthew Mitcham! Another gay diver is joining the party!

Champion Brazilian diver Ian Matos has come out! 

He tells Brazilian newspaper, Correio:

"From a young age, I knew I was gay, but it was here that I got to live my sexuality," said Matos, 24, now living in Rio de Janiero.

According to Outsports:

He said a friend advised him to stay closeted until after the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, but Matos said the pressure of hiding boyfriends, avoiding gay parties and not being himself proved too much. He said he hoped that coming out would not impact his ability to be a successful diver and not cost him any potential sponsorship.

Matos originally hails from Pennsylvania; he moved to Brazil to pursue his diving career and became their 3-meter champion in 2013.

Congrats, Ian!


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I think he just won the gold. Good for him!

Yes, it was brave.  Congrats to Ian and I am sure he will continue to be a great diver.  Now I'll be rooting for him at the Olympics.

So another diver comes out of the closet. For me, there's only one conclusion to draw: If you're not afraid to climb to high heights and jump into deep water, you're probably not afraid of anything, so coming out of the closet is a breeze.

Seriously, this takes guts and I'm sure the decision was not easy. Good luck diving and good luck in life.

thanks for your comment....I like your sense of humor and your positive outlook in life.

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