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Champion High School Swimmer Jack Thorne Comes Out As Gay

Colorado high school junior Jack Thorne came out publicly on Monday via Facebook. Thorne holds three Colorado state swimming titles along with the state record in the 100-meter backstroke. 

Jack came out via an open letter to his family and friends and has shared his letter with Outsports in the event that it might help other gay youth that are struggling in the same way. 

Here's an excerpt:

I've spent months trying to figure out how to do this, when to do this and I've realized there's never going to be the perfect time to say what I want to say. But there's no time like the present.

I'm gay.

Some of you already know, and for some of you this may come as a surprise. Nothing has changed, I'm still the same Jack, the same Jack you race, the same Jack who you carpool with, the same Jack screaming for you on the side of the pool. This doesn't define me, I'm not gay Jack, I'm just Jack. Being gay happens to be one of many things that make me who I am, it's not what defines me and I won't let it define me.

I'm not doing this for attention, I'm doing this because I want to be able to be myself and I want to be able to help somebody. I want to be able to be the person that the 14-year-old me didn't have, I want to help that 14-year-old realize that it's going to get better. If I can do that, or if I can change someone's mind about the LGBT community, then this will have been worth it.

I've had some people try to discourage me from doing this the way I am. If my close friends and family know, why should I tell the world about it? Unfortunately we live in a world where people are treated differently because they love someone of the same sex, one where kids are bullied and picked on because of this, one where people would rather end their own lives than face this discrimination and hostility. I wish we lived in a world where people didn't have to pretend to be something they're not and where people didn't have to come out at all, but unfortunately we do. My sexual orientation is no more significant than my hair color. It's part of me, but it isn't something that defines who I am.

Head over to Outsports to read Jack's full letter

We know there are many LGBT youth that will appreciate Jack leading by example and showing them that the water's fine! 

What do you think of Jack's coming out letter?


There was no platform for me to proclaim my sexuality when I was in high school back in the 80's. But, I saw the hatred around me so I decide to share my secret with a select few. I was out and proud to a few close friends and family. Thankfully young people today feel comfortable and safe enough to exercise their courage and face public scorn. Bravo to them. My Grandmother always said, "Honey, there will always be stupid people in the world". I am now hopeful that there is bright future for my people. Virgil J. Angulo     

Good for you!

I find it sad that 35 years after I was a High School student myself, young men ( and women) still have to got through this humiliating process of making a statement about their choices of who to love and explain that it's going to be okay. Isn't it time that we admit these are things that should not need explaining ?

A very noble be the role model for another younger individual....who needs to know that it gets better......especially an they often feel that they have to remain in the one who did until much later in life.

Interesting how this anonymous person judges beauty on a male.  Sounds closeted to me.

It is traumatic for all of us, but more so for those in their teens, living at home, schooling among other judgemental, immature teens. So KUDOS to him and any others who brave their fears, be they athletic champions or not who decide to acknowledge the way that God made them. KUDOS indeed!

Thanks for being a courageous example for other young people Jack!! You be you always!!! GOD Bless!?

Get back in the closet you ugly bitch!

You're a cunt

Kind of a pathetic response, don't you think. This kid has More courage than you have Anonymous baby. 

Really???? Let's see a picture of you...

This coming from a punk ass bitch to chicken shit to post his name


Absolutely brilliant! More power to you!

Love ya, "Just Jack!" Wish I had someone like you when I was in high school. Thanks for sharing and making it easier for others!

I hope his parents are VERY proud of their courageous son.

Good for Jack.  Now, he needs to rack up those records and medals.

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