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Channing Tatum: Jonah Hill Is Not Homophobic

Jonah Hill's already made two public apologies for his use of an anti-gay slur against a paparazzo and now his 22 Jump Street co-star Channing Tatum is jumping in to defend his buddy.


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Tatum says:

"I'll jump in and just say that I think most of the time when people have to go on and sort of apologize for something it might not come off all that well because it's not actually like what they mean. I can honestly say that is not who he is. It came off well and he did it well because he really means it, that wasn’t who he was that day."

From what we've seen it appears that most believe Hill was genuine in his apology. Do you think it's time to move on or do you appreciate Hill's continued earnestness on this issue?


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I'm sure his apology cost a pretty penny from a team of writers who were paid to ensure the general public still goes to his movie this week.
what kind of excuse what have come out of his mouth if he didn't have a movie premiering this week?  We all say stupid things from time to time and usually it's the things we are thinking!!!!   Had he said the "N" word would everyone be as forgiving?

 The phrase he chose to use usually comes along with an ass beating or a Matthew Shepard style killing.  Words have power and now kids think "Hey, Jonah hill can say it when he's mad.  Nothing is wrong with gay bashing."  Gay people are the last acceptable group of people to hate.  What's a little slip of the tongue right....after all he did take a picture of himself wearing a t-shirt in support of gay rights that only had Russian words on it so English speaking people couldn't tell what it was...but hey, this classifies him as a "long time supporter of Gay rights".... let's get back to his movie that opened this week... at least that will still make money now that he has apologized.

Funny how no matter how angry I have ever gotten, those words I have never strung together. Pity that he decided to use a word dragging gay people into a sentence he was stringing together to tell someone they are the lowest of the low. As a gay man I have never been offended by words like faggot or any of the others people have come up with but it offends me the way people use the words. I am sure he has used that sentence before and will do so again. Pity that was his goto.

You have to look at the context.  These obnoxious paparazzis make life a living  hell for celebrities.  He was just using colorful language to the the paparazzi asshat to go away.  We have enough real stuff to get upset about.  This is a nothingburger.

He's a celebrity so with that comes a microscope, with that come endorsements, with that comes responsibility. I've seen some peoples comments that "they" Hollywood and the Gay community are ok with him and accept his apology. Seems to be ok for some and not for others Isaiah Washington for example. Seems like these groups pick and choose. From Kobe, Don Imus, Ducks, Paula, Noah, Bieber, and Hill to name a few. I believe that when people make these comments they are fully aware of the weight of the word and that it's not the first time they've said it. Whether it's behind closed doors or in public.

It's time to move on from this one. The guy used a word when he was pissed and so what? We all do it.  I'm gay and I've taken possession of all the slurs.  I own them.  So it doesn't bother me anymore.  He apologized right away which to me means that he probably regretted it immediately after the word left his mouth.  He's OK with me.  

Here's a new topic: Why do all these supposedly straight, homophobic people use the this phrase: "We're tired of you shoving yourselves down our throats!" Does this mean they want us to?  Is this a cryout from them that secretly they'd liked to have a dick shoved down their throat?  

They say: "Why don't you just shut up about it?"  Really?  Well here's your answer, mother fucker.  It's for that very reason we do and we will continue to bring the subject up until the day when you shut up about it and leave us alone. And as far as gay pride parades, well, we wouldn't have them if you'd never beaten on us, trampled us down, accused us of being evil and perverted. We wouldn't feel the need.  

Here's another thing, our parades are usually a lot of fun, people lighten up, party down and just enjoy themselves.  What would a Straight Pride Parade be like? They'd have to hire the gays in order to make the arrangements, do the floats, and bring some life into it.  

Hey look, Lassie rescued Timmy from the well.......

I am gay and you know what so be it if a slur was used big whoopie to do ..hell I have used anti gay slurs against other gays I guess that free speech in todays world isnt free speech anymore I agree with the one guy here if your gay get a life there is more important stuff to worry about

So you might be at a place in your life where slurs don't bother you, but I always like to think about how something would effect a closeted queer kid in Middle America who doesn't know anyone else who's gay and is afraid of his family finding out. I think we have a responsibility to make the world a safer place that kid, and Jonah Hill's public apologies are going a long way to do that.

Also, free speech has never meant free from criticism. It's a political right. It protects you from the government, not the court of public opinion. Just so you know.

Channing is such a FAT WRECK!!

The amount off stuff going on in the world today and your banging on about a slur that was used out of contect and in a moment off anger it didn't mean anything it was just a word ? So get over yourself you din!!

That calvin guy is a fag, the one who also posted on this...such a faggy faggot. Yeah... I said it, so sue me. If anyone else is offended, mind your own fucking business and stop worrying about what people you dont even know say, fuck, get a life fags, oh and in case you havent noticed... I dont give a fuck!

If you don't give a fuck, then why even comment on this...?

Another example of how the gay mafia now controls the media and forces anyone that dares to express an opinion different from what they consider " politically correct" to apologize.

Oh God how do I miss the times in which the gays were seen and considered what they really are, depraved human beings and were forced by society to do their disgusting acts privately and keep their mouth shut.

No going back now. U sound very homophobic and not very comfortable in your own skin, like that Senator who got caught in a bathroom stall tapping his foot soliciting. Feel sorry ur so full of hate and closeted. We'll pray for u. At least Jonah has balls.

To be honest, being Gay or Lesbian or whatever is fine.... but screaming it out to the world is not.... we don't have a straight pride week, we don't have straight parades or any other bull shit like that and neither should they.....

Wa wa wa !! So deprived.

Why don't u start a parade.

Umm you are a disgusting person. They have a Pride because people get beat up and picked on when they come out. You need to think about how scary a thing like that is for people so before you think you know it all keep your mouth shut. :) 

you don't have 'straight' pride weeks because straight people are not proud for their lives.  Being suppressed, oppressed, and having to face being jailed or murdered because we are who we are; gay human beings, shouldn't have to be any of your concern.  Honestly, we are the only inclusive group of people on the face of the planet.  We have accepted all of those people "YOU' deam unfit for society, your society.  We help them, foster them, allow them to grow and thrive within a community that will not judge them.  Why can't the so called straight society do the same?  Are you afraid you might get cooties?  Well, I don't have cooties so therefore I can't give any to you, nor do any of the people in my community have them either.  Once you've understood the fight we have had to face for the past 100's of years, maybe you then will understand that we are now not going away.  If you don't like what we do, who we are, or anything else about us...look the other way and mind your own damm business.

Dear Anonymous, i am a straight woman and i agree with you as a gay man or woman you shouldnt have to worry about straight men and woman. we should all live in harmony who are we to say who you can be with and who you cant there is not a law that states you cant be with the same sex nor will there ever be one passed. so all the straight people need to come to grips with it and realize we need to live in harmony because the gay community is only getting bigger. so as a straight woman i back the gay community. oh and ps you should be proud and use your name and not hide love be proud of what you wrote.

I guarantee he is sorry for what he said. People these days blow everything out of proportion. Everybody in the world has said one thing or another about someone they didn't mean. They need to suck it up and move on. If the paparazzo would give celebrities space they wouldn't have to worry about being offended. Get over it and move on.

People need to quit being so sensitive! Evidently Jonah Hill didn't mean anything by it. But at the end of the day, people just want something to bitch about. And when it comes to a celebrity, they want something to sue over.

Love you Jonah, you can do no wrong. If people can't accept your apology then they were never fans to begin with!!

He called him a fag? I do not know what he said but if he said it to get the cameraman mad....then it was a if being gay is a bad thing... He may not be homophobic but saying things like that makes seem homophobic. The appearance of impropriety is just as strong as Impropriety itself.....


Why is someone saying a homophobic/racial/sexist slur making big celebrity news. Do you know how many people say things like that everyday? A hell if a lot of people. And none of them get the shit for it like Jonah Hill is, seriously, he apologized, get over it, it was a mistake to say it on camera were it could be taken out of context. People that know more about him knew he didn't mean it the way it sounded to the media.

he has said sorry you can tell he really ment  it . what more can he do give him a break everybody makes mistakes  nobody is perfect .xx

We all make mistakes in life, just hope we all learn from them. They are human just like us. I just hope all the ones that are judging don't live in a glass house. and don't make ANY mistakes. I thought there is only one person we have to answer to.. I Love his work and hopes he keeps up the great work!! 

I'm not going to see Jonah Hill's movies, nor renting his movies anymore or letting self-hating queens, with their equally homophobic hags, accept his apology for me.

So you are cutting him out cuz he said fag, yet you just referred to fruit flies as hags. Isn't that just as bad? You're ignorant and unforgiving. Says a lot about your character

Correction!!  Homophobic hags!

most sincere apology i have seen in a very long time, nothing from the slithery snake that said hurtful and obviously very personal things to Jonah Hill, and thats probably why he  reacted that way, he is a human being after all think most of us would have reacted in some similar way if we were in the same situation, but lets put it to bed now and yes move on.

WTF r u talking about?! The guy's just doing his job. Before Wolves of Wall Street I'm like Jonah wtf?

Seriously I have plenty of gay friends but I still use the fag word but I don't consider it to be homophobic unless I'm using it in such a manor... The word mother fucker is just a slur it doesn't mean u fuck your mother... It's an insult not a homophobic slur!

LOL. You' and your alledged gay friends should get punched in the mouths for using homophobic slurs.

I also agree with Linda. .. well said. Bury it and keep it moving!!!

Homophobic bitch.

Calvin cop the hell on looking for attention, being gay isn't a bad thing but you can call people a fag or queer and not mean it in a homophobic sense, sure the word queer actually means odd, I don't see why you have to bash everyone else because they see Jonah's remark as nothing but a common insult and not a homophobic insult, if you want to dance around in a gay pride tutu that's fine but there's no need to insult people online :) 

Personally I think he said no more than what others might have said.  In today's more homosexual-friendly society, 'faggot' doesn't always get used to denote "gay".  Sometimes it's used to denote ignorance or jerkdom.  I'm not saying this is right, but people today throw words around without really thinking about what those words' meanings are. (If they did, they would know that fagged meant worn out and faggot meant a cigarette or a bundle of sticks).  Here's what: Jonah, a talented actor with a lot of comedy to give the world and lift it up in laughter, said something regrettable.  And accordingly, he regretted it--PUBLICLY.  Now leave the guy alone.  I for one feel MORE positively about him because he displayed great humanity on both ends of this deal--the exasperated, frustrated insult and the sincere, serious apology.  The guy is human.  Like any of us.  Who among us hasn't said something worse to someone?  How many of US apologized?  He has the world's eye on him.  Everything he does falls under scrutiny.  I know we think celebs live the high life, but there are perks and downfalls of that existence same as any other.  I throw my support behind this great actor and comedian.  And my disdain at those muckrakers trying to drag him through the mud. 

Absolutely well said.

move on, enough already

I believe in giving people second long as Jonah doesn't do it again, I think he is alright.  

Nothing against Jonah Hill, love him as an actor and as a comidian.
My comment is in regards of I find it funny when people say that the accept his apologies but when someone else make the same mistake and apologized they did not want anything to do with him. So I guess my question would be. How can you really know when someone is really genuine apologetic or not? Why can you accept one and not the other? Don't everyone deserve a 2nd chance? #justsaying

I agree with Tatum about what he said about how people most of time if not apologize; but they may not be really earnest about it. Hill already publicly apologized twice for his use of anti-gay slur. Can't people just drop the matter? Or are they one those gossip hounds that find satisfaction in preying on issues that arise with a celebrity. They already got the paparazzi for that... 

Quit picking on someone who feels bad about he said when a nosey parker pushed him too far. We all say something under those circumstances. Mr. Hall was nice enough to apologize for it. Nosey Parker shouldn't get a dime for that interview.

Hey! They have a movie to promote! This is promoting the movie more than any ad company could do and it's free, just use an offensive phrase to a guy who works for the press then go on a bunch of talk shows and apologize for it promoting the movie further.

The man has apologized, there is sincerity in his voice and eyes. That's the problem with the world today you have to be so careful with your actions and words because there are so many people out there looking for a "band wagon" to jump on and start some kind of media frenzy. What happened to being able to use little quips and quotes and just being free to say something and not have it be smeared all over the media??? My son is Gay and even he said WTH! he didn't say anything that any other person might have said but because he's a celebrity let's crucify him. Thank you Jonah for your heartfelt apology!!!!

I agree 100% and could not agree more, Linda. Well said !!

Cop on he was messing

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